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No Border Camp is Coming

No Border Camp is 2 1/2 weeks away!
On the 18th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall organizers and activists will gather in Calexico/Mexicali to draw attention to the human rights atrocities that occur in regards to the hyper-militarized U.S./Mexico border, the people and corporations who benefit from these terrors and the rising tide of white supremacists who use immigration as a way to promote their twisted politics. In the Northwest, there will be solidarity actions occuring simultanously to show support and to draw attention to the border issues that affect people in our own communities. The border is everywhere. We must confront it in our community while supporting others struggling against it in communities across the Americas.

please contact  pdxproyecto@gmail.com for more information on Portland actions
noborderscamp.org regarding Calexico/Mexicali organizing.