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Titanic Meets Ground Hog Day--Lone Vet Report

will we learn?
Titanic Meets Ground Hog Day

Picture if you can the following, the leadership of the Democratic Party on the bridge of the Titanic. They are all there, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, Emanuel, Hillary, and of course those behind the scenes. It is Ground Hog Day.

The Speaker of the House is the second captain to take the helm. We all know what happened to Captain Smith, he made a fatal error; ordering the ship to turn hard to port caused the ship to sideswipe the iceberg on the starboard side. The ship was ripped apart from the bow to amidships and took on so much water that she sank in less than 3 hours . Pelosi taking the helm knows this, she also knows that her only option is to go into a full reverse and hit the iceberg straight on, taking heavy damage but saving the ship of state from sinking. This option takes guts and as she approaches the iceberg she finds she can't do what is needed. "Hard to port" she yells and the events of April 14, 1912 @ 2340 are repeated. We are the passengers and we drown, sentenced to experience this tragedy again and again.

It is Ground Hog Day on the high seas.

The democrats do not have any leaders who will take some damage in order to save the ship of state, except one. If you listen carefully you will hear him saying, "Give me the helm" but we are not listening. He is someone who speaks the truth, says what he believes, and tries to do the right thing. He is not the "Right" kind of person for the presidency; the media tells you that everyday. He is funny looking, has no clue how the game is played, he respects the opinions of others, he can not win---so say the pundits! If you want this tragedy to continue time after time, then vote for the pundits pick, but if you want to end this madness look to the person who has said "Enough, we must take some damage but I can and will save the ship of state by calling for full reverse and going straight at the republicans."

Vote for Hillary and you get more oil wars, vote for Barack and you get more oil wars and so on down the line. There is a person who is running for your vote who will stop this madness, and you know without me saying his name who he is. Then why in the world would you vote for anyone else?

Some say your votes do not count--garbage!
Some say vote for a winner---more garbage!
Some say we must back a winner---how has that worked for you sailor?
Some say they are all the same--garbage!
Some say there are no honorable politicians left to choose from--garbage!

Your vote has been given to you by the blood of thousands before you, use it and be proud of who you vote for and then keep the pressure on and make him/her live up to your expectations. There are no more saviors out there, you are the savior of this republic and you'd better wake up and do something spectacular or this United State of America is finished.

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