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Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair Nov 3-4

The bookfair is taking place the weekend of November 3-4 at Pitchpipe Infoshop 617 S 17th St (at G St) Tacoma, WA 98405
Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair Nov 3-4

The bookfair is taking place the weekend of November 3-4 at Pitchpipe Infoshop 617 S 17th St (at G St) Tacoma, WA 98405

We have around 10 tables of different distros/booksellers. Workshops will run throughout the weekend.

Some (but not all) workshops are:
-diy reusable menstrual pad making
-neighboorhood organizing
-street medic
-port militarization resistance

Saturday night there will be a show following the bookfair. Touring band The Wayward and Olympia artists Onyx and The Pasties are playing.

Sunday evening after the bookfair we'll play anarchist games!

Food Not Bombs will be cooking throughout the weekend.

We'd love to see people from all around the country, in particular the Northwest (and if possible, people from around the world). So be prepared for delicious free, vegan food, and some good anarchy. Get more information at myspace.com/tacomabookfair or  tacomabookfair@gmail.com

Contact us with questions, comments, etc. If you are a traveler and need somewhere to stay while you are in town for this event, we will try to find someone to accommodate you.  tacomabookfair@gmail.com

See a flyer for the Bookfair at  http://tacomafnb.info/bookfairflyer.gif

homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/tacomabookfair

all male pastie band? 26.Oct.2007 00:07

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

So I assume The Pasties is an all-male group that sexualizes themselves and wears things over their nipples, not the typical bullshit sexploitation of women that anarchy claims to stand against profiting from. It would be a manarchist book fair if the highlighted entertainment is the same old same old sexploitation of women in pasties, never the men...or let me put it another way, would you ever advertise and promote "The Intelligent Women" as entertainment or do only women with pasties work? As the great Reverend Chumleigh says, "Who says men aren't making SLOWWWWWWWWW progress?" But then again, why avoid the real topic which is why are women rewarded at this late stage in the game, more for looking "sexy" in a very mainstream commercialized way, than for being leaders, writers, intelligent, accomplished at things other than the sex industry, etc.? What is that chasm? Why does Christie Heffner produce Playboy yet she would never ever spread them or take her top off? Her private parts are way too precious to exploit for cash...or more importantly, she has enough money that she *doesn't have to* take off her top for money. Why is it that Amy Goodman will publish in Penthouse yet she herself would never ever consider taking her top off or spreading her legs open for Penthouse Mag...this double standard of women sexploiting other women for their profits, using women to do things they themselves would never ever do...it stinks to high hell. It is as exploitive as any race exploitation. The continued use of women as Step'n'fetch it characters in a sexual context for men is old and archaic. Liberation via burlesque? Save the bullshit please. If it was sooo liberating, men would be wearing pasties as often as women and men would be selling themselves to manarchist book fairs with their asses and chests as The Pasties. I hope my assumptions that this Pasties band is all women is wrong, but I doubt I am wrong. I have seen this shit, in its xeroxed imitated to death form so long now that it is sooo predictable. Again, I hope I am wrong, and that it is a male band, but I seriously doubt it is. Again, sexism is as predictable as racism. Anarchy where I am a sex toy for men? Save the bullshit please. No, real anarchy is NOT sexploiting women and MOST anarchists I have met are not up to that challenge yet.