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Callout for workshops at Free School Gathering

Save the date: Saturday, November 17th!
We're having a fall gathering and day of skillshares on Saturday November 17th and we'd love your involvement!

Workshops can be on whatever topic you like and can be 15 minutes or a few hours. You can have it be a skill you want to share with others or just a chance for a group to have a discussion about a topic.

This event will be a chance for people interested in starting a class to try it out with a short workshop, a space for craft-making, an opportunity for those interested in the free school or taking a class to get some questions answered, and a time to share food, music, and stories!

homepage: homepage: http://portland.freeskool.org

interés en español 28.Oct.2007 10:48

Antonio Gramsci

Según el sitio de web, hay quienes a los cuales les interesarían un grupito de auto-estudios en español -- a mí también me interesaría la oportunidad de platicar en español.

According to the website, there are those who would be interested in forming a self study group in Spanish -- I too would like the opportunity to join an informal Spanish language conversation circle.