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The Day After at Laughing Horse Books

Brainstorming session at Laughing Horse Books, 12:00 noon Sunday, October 28, 2007
The first meeting at of The Day After disaster preparedness meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, October 28, 2007 at Laughing Horse Books. They located at 12 NE 10th Ave off East Burnside - Portland Oregon 97232 - bookstore phone 503 236-2893.

Free and open to all with an open mind.

This will mostly be a brain-storming session, please bring all your ideas.

Original indymedia post regarding this meeting:


"I'd like to involve some of you who want TO HELP PEOPLE just like me. I feel that this group needs to get started quickly with a OPEN DOOR policy for all. I don't feel that all groups in Portland have an open door policy, that is why this new group must form. Whether or not peak oil is a reality is something for you to decide, the same goes for what candidate you are voting for.

On my tv show, we talk a lot about the police state, 911, and worldwide corruption and the elite consolidate more and more power. This group is less about that, and more about collectively teaching each other how to live off the grid. If you think you know a few things, please share this information with those that don't. The day of the lone wolf is over.

We don't need your money, we need change and while some of you have given up hope, some of you have not and really want to form new friendships. This is the time to act. We won't have the internet to fall back on when the crisis hits nor the grocery stores."


Many thanks to Alex for spear-heading the start-up of this exciting opportunity.