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ANALYSIS: Portland's 7/18/07 Bomb Scare

I would like to present some views on the bomb scare Thursday. My immediate thought was why would extremely expensive trained dogs track down fake explosives used from the supposedly fake explosions at PIR. Then I received these very interesting posts which really opened my eyes:
I would like to present some views on the bomb scare Thursday. My immediate thought was why would extremely expensive trained dogs track down fake explosives used from the supposedly fake explosions at PIR. Then I received these very interesting e-mails which really opened my eyes:

Two informed observers, Theresa Mitchell of KBOO radio and Captain May of Portland Nuclear Inquest, discuss yesterday's downtown Portland bomb scare. Here's a reference to the event:  http://www.wweek.com/wwire/?p=9745

Theresa Mitchell, KBOO Presswatch host:
Dear Capt. May,

I do appreciate receiving a call from you yesterday afternoon. I have been wondering about that incident, namely, the fact that the local media reported that one car had been zeroed in on three times by three different explosives detection dogs, and then determined that it belonged to someone participating in the drill. Shortly thereafter the story began to drift, as spokespersons said (to the Oregonian) that it could be any car, or that (as opposed to their previous confidence) any minute residue could be alerting the dogs.

Naturally this brings questions to mind--what was in the car after all? Why did they stop talking about that one car, if three different dogs identified it? I have to wonder if some stunt was shut down there and then, as you suggested. It seems to me, even if absolutely nothing was in the car, then they would have taken the thing apart anyway, to be sure. But there's no further report. And then there's the fact that they shut down the nearby Max tracks for forty blocks. How big did they think it was?

It's another case of behavior not matching statements, as far as I can tell.


Captain May, Portland Nuclear Inquest:

Dear Theresa,

I agree with you that there is plenty of room for skepticism about the official story of yesterday's dog alert. Regardless of the details -- which you demonstrate below to be in flux -- the simple facts are that:

-- The incident occurred at exactly the time and place where the emphasis of the terror drill was moving, the Doubletree Hotel.

-- Beelzebub (a.k.a. Michael Chertoff) was scheduled to be there, and may have been there for all I know. Please inform if you have specific knowledge that he was there.

-- A large area of downtown Portland was cordoned off, police presence and efforts intensified greatly, and movement by people within the affected area was restricted.

I would say that the exercise was semi-live yesterday afternoon, and no one can deny that it had gone beyond its stated parameters. I consider all the officials statements, parroted by the Presstitutes, as worthless. We can glean details from them, but even these are contradictory as often as not.

I believe we can consider three possibilities for yesterday's Portland bomb scare:

1. The official story, which began with hints that there might have been an effort at disrupting the exercise (presumably by Portland conspiracy theorists), and finished with what you have described: a flimsy story that it was all an innocuous detection. The final official story is a coincidence theory. Everything that happened, they say, was sheer coincidence, and there is nothing to be suspicious about. Anyone who thinks otherwise, they say, is engaging in conspiracy theory -- meaning the theory that what happened was not a coincidence.

2. The bomb scare was contrived so that the area could be prepared for a false flag event. The possibility that this was the case diminishes with each passing moment, since false flags are easier to conduct in the middle of an exercise rather than on the last day, let alone at the last hour. As I write, it is now Friday afternoon in Portland, and the exercise is beginning to demobilize.

3. The bomb scare was contrived so that a prepared false flag terror event could be dismantled. The coincidence of the bomb scare with the Doubletree, Chertoff and the exercise plot argues in favor of this view of things. Further, the occurrence of a predicted explosive event in the Southeast Texas petroleum industry earlier yesterday, combined with a major Al CIAduh false flag event in Pakistan also argues in favor of this view.

I believe that the third possibility -- that the bomb scare was a diversion to allow for the deconstruction of a false flag set up -- is the most likely.

For an analogous terror situation, I referred you to 7/11/06, when Mumbai India had a false flag attack in the morning and Chicago's transit system experienced a freak explosion/fire in a tunnel that evening. You may recall that the Chicago passengers were terrified as they evacuated, because they believed that Al Qaeda was attacking. I think it probable that there are was an international plan to carry out false flag terror that day, and that the relatively minor in events that transpired in Chicago was an abortion of that plan.

On the same day as that 7/11/06 Mumbai/Chicago business, the Bush League was meeting in Houston, Texas, ostensibly for Ken Lay's funeral services, scheduled for the next day. On the next day, 7/12/06, Israel invaded Lebanon and the Presstitutes harangued America day in and day out for a month that they had done it to rescue kidnapped soldiers.

7/18/07 and 7/11/06 both bear distinct traces of an international false flag terror operation, albeit one that was only partially executed. I hope these thoughts advance the cause of open and informed inquiry. Granted, my analysis is speculative and not absolute, but I believe we share a common view that at this point in the reign of King George there is much cause for speculation.

Best regards, Captain May

Chertoff 19.Oct.2007 19:09


Were they going to possibly sacrifice Chertoff in an explosion, but changed their mind because of the monitoring? Is that one of the possibilities? If so, I bet his gut really hurts now.

wondering 19.Oct.2007 23:42


I could not understand what happened yesterday to make us all take buses since the people did not tell us. The explanations are good ones and I have to say Homeland Security was hiding a plan or making one. Nothing went off yet so undoing a plan sounds correct. Have you heard about the bombing in Pakistan? it would be like copying it if there was a bomb for Chertoff.

Three time's the charm 20.Oct.2007 11:14


Thanks so much for the scenarios for the bomb scare. I find it was too fishy and coincidental that 3 dogs got to the same car so you know something was in that car besides a cat. I think a suitcase kind of bomb either for the area to be detonated by remote or to be carried into the hotel. We'll never know unless someone comes forward and blows the whistle on that little operation. Many thanks for all you both do to keep alternative media and those on the web stay informed. We haven't got a chance to learn anything in mainstream media.

Excellent analysis 20.Oct.2007 11:28


As always the best analysis of a situation and great thinking on your part.

Correction: 10/18/07 20.Oct.2007 20:00


Thanks for being the media and getting this information out. The corpo MSM is useless. When we're labeled "conspiracy theorists" they think they are taking away our power. They think that they can discount and dismiss everything we say.

It's not being paranoid to want to know what's going on. We are being bombarded with so many lies all the time! Why do people not want to ask questions and get to the truth?! How can people not want to know details? History has a tendency to repeat itself (in more ways than one) when people are willfully ignorant. Knowing the "track record" of 'drills' (going live in the past) and knowing the history of 'false flag events' (how and why they're used by governments) and going public with the information is essential in order to help prevent things from happening in the future. Google: Problem-Reaction-Solution. (Order out of chaos)

Thanks again for all the work you and everyone else are doing in this area. The truth will set us all free. Don't live in fear.
People shouldn't be afraid of their governments.
People shouldn't be afraid of their governments.

problem reaction solution 22.Oct.2007 09:13


Short video illustrating/explaining this concept. Basic but effective. (: