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OTA Questions Chertoff on 9/11 Drills Connection to Live Events - VIDEO

This took place at David Douglas High School in a special press conference.
It's an uphill battle getting Bush functionaries to acknowledge the facts and history of 9/11, but in this video, Ginny Ross of Oregon Truth Alliance brings up the subject in the context of the current terrorism drills in Portland, Oregon -- TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield. Chertoff denies that any drills presaged the 9/11 events, despite the fact that there was a live-fly hijacking drill and a plane-into-building drill on that same day. It appears we have yet another crazy coincidence theorist on our hands. He is a firm believer that Bin Laden and his henchmen pulled it off with no involvement of the large number of drills going on that day -- some simulating the events that actually occurred.


P.S. I would like to thank few, yet hardworking people of Portland that are helping us inform the public about this event. It has changed my opinion of indymedia and I will continue to share information with this website now that I see that I am among more friends here than foes. I look forward to working with more of you in the future now that I understand how important it is to work together to accomplish the things we need to do instead of fighting internally.


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thanks 19.Oct.2007 05:00


Hi Alex- We shouldn't be surprised about chertoff, I guess. I'm very disappointed that they treat us all like children and act either stupid or out in space somewhere when questions are asked. I enjoyed your show last evening on public access with Ginny. The drills and exercises were nothing like they showed in Seattle. We need to stay hyper-vigilant I know- they won't be leaving until next week as you say and who knows when we can let down our guard. Maybe never. I posted a tip about DHS still being in Portland on Saturday near the airport with a drill concerning a motorcade. Some bicycler's couldn't get a permit because of Saturday's exercises. Thanks for all you do. Patti (from the Portland Nuclear Inquest group working with Capt Eric May and Ginny Ross)

if you get a chance again 19.Oct.2007 08:08

Ecotopian Yeti

ask him about the B-52 with the mounted nukes at the end of August and the dead US Air Force Personnel.... Actually there are a Hell of a lot of questions to ask and his answers would all be the same (office lines)