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Six Anti Poverty Committee organizers arrested in Coast Salish Territory.

Six Anti Poverty Committee organizers arrested in Coast Salish Territory.

On Saturday, October 13th, the Anti-Poverty Committee launched it's most recent housing offensive by attempting to squat one of the countless abandoned buildings in the Downtown Eastside of Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver). Six organizers from the APC were violently arrested in an abandoned building in the middle of the night.

The building was targeted to become an open squat and the 6 APC-ers where meant to prepare the building for the next days occupation. The police on the other hand meant to ensure a brutal end to the line of successful housing takeovers by effectively locking down the police state that is the Downtown Eastside.

More then a day prior to the action, all abandoned buildings where patrolled by landlords, their goons and their police. We said 'Give It or Guard It' and they guarded it!

But amongst the dozens of police trucks and dozens of riot cops, over 200 APC supporters showed up to militantly demonstrate there solidarity with those arrested. Not intimidate by the cops use of dogs or threats of tasers, APC and all others marched fist-in-fist reaffirming our commitment in assisting the transformation of our community resistance into revolution.

a burningfistmedia film:

They came in the night

embedded content: http://www.youtube.com/v/-x9kvufpSYY

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