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The Meloy Massacre

Who is Dr. Reid Meloy? A forensic psychologist with impressive degrees and credentials. A recognized expert on stalking, violent sex crimes, risk management, and the Rorschach test. A man you'd better hope you never meet, because on his word alone, you can be found guilty of murder. With a little help from a corrupt system, and no more evidence than the theories spun by Meloy, you can be convicted to life in prison, just like Tim Masters.
When Tim Masters was arrested more than ten years after the murder of Peggy Hettrick, the paperwork was based on Dr. Reid Meloy's analysis of Tim's juvenile writings and drawings, which the police had seized years before and kept. Meloy theorized that during those years when the accused lived in freedom and served in the military, he probably continued to write and draw. So they got a search warrant and, sure enough, found more notebooks, whose existence was pounced on like some kind of deluxe proof of wickedness. Big whoop. Artists draw, writers write. So what?

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