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Café au Play’s MONSTER MOSH

an all-ages costume disco for children, families and the community,Friday, October 19th, 6:30-9:30 pm
Kids are back in school and the leaves are changing. Time to be putting those fall activities on your calendar. Here is one you won't want to miss!

Dress up for a rockin' good time at Café au Play's MONSTER MOSH, an all-ages costume disco for children, families and the community featuring the fabulous DJs, Miss Meghan and DJ Boy. Boogie down and turn yourself around to the Spooky Hokey Pokey and the Frankenstein Freeze!

Friday, October 19th
6:30-9:30 pm
Cost: Adults - $8, Children - $4
One year and under - Free
Tickets available at the door. Please bring cash or check.

First Unitarian Church
Fuller Hall
1011 SW 12th Avenue
click here for detailed directions

Enjoy kids activities such as Shadow Dancing and Fishin' for prizes in the Witches Brew. Satisfy your Monster appetite - seasonal food, drinks, beer and wine will be sold.

Show off your cool costume in our Monster Parade which begins at the ghoulish hour of 7:30 pm!

And don't miss our Purple Pumpkin Raffle at 8:00pm featuring handmade items by local Etsy artisans!

We have lovely hand made items from:

NewroticGirl  http://newroticgirl.etsy.com
Zeldaloo  http://zeldaloo.etsy.com
Luna by Karina Potestio  http://karinapotestio.etsy.com
Hadley Hutton  http://hadleyhutton.etsy.com
TK Originals  http://tkjewelrydesigns.etsy.com
Panjo  http://panjo.etsy.com
Salmon Street Studio  http://salmonstreetstudio.etsy.com
GO Natural Baby  http://gonaturalbaby.typepad.com
Daveena Tauber
Terry Foreman
Lisa Silverman

For descriptions and pictures of items click here

This is Cafe au Play's fall fundraiser. Proceeds from this rockin' community disco will move us closer to our goal of opening our family-centered nonprofit coffeehouse in 2008. Please join us to dance the night away!

Café au Play is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to open a community center coffeehouse for families and people of all ages. There will be activities for children and support programs for caregivers.

Our mission is to help families combat the isolation that often comes with having young children by helping them create support networks and connect to local resources. Café au Play will be an enriching learning community for families - a place where families can connect to information, activities, and people. Proceeds from the coffee bar will provide funding for programs and services.

Café au Play Model:

Café au Play begins with the premise that one of the best ways to support children is to nurture connections among caregivers, promote the mental health of parents, and empower people of all ages to see themselves as both givers and receivers of resources. We want to foster spontaneous and genuine community among families in Portland, reaching out to underserved and isolated families. Unlike a typical community center, Café au Play will offer food and drink, a familiar and communal activity that promotes social interaction. And the activities, classes, and support groups offered at Café au Play will be available to all patrons on a drop-in basis. The coffeehouse will provide a welcoming, comfortable environment where children and adults can gather on a daily basis so over time, they can develop lasting friendships and exchange resources.

The participation of young adults and the elderly, who are sometimes segregated from young children, are particularly important to another aspect of our mission - to facilitate community between generations. The older person who reads to young children feels needed and appreciated. The young child who sees teenagers perform music or drama sees possibilities for herself. Our partnerships with local senior centers and schools will help establish relationships that simultaneously support families, young adults, and seniors.

Café au Play combines the functions of a coffeehouse, a family service provider, a community center, and a third place. Café au Play will be an informal drop-in location that creates the possibility for encountering the same people week after week without the need for scheduling a meeting or paying a membership fee.

The café will have safe and dedicated play areas, healthy food and drink options, and both informal and structured activities for children and adults. It will become a central location for families seeking programs, information, and support specifically directed to their needs and interests. And the programs will focus on the entire family in the context of its culture and community. The broad mix of play, education, and social services offered at Café au Play will provide holistic, preventive, and community-based services.

Café au Play will empower adults in their roles as parents, nurturers, and providers. We want families to make a personal investment in the cafe community and take an active role in providing the support they need. We will encourage adults to participate in program decision-making, design and lead activities, and advocate for a more supportive community for families.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cafeauplay.org