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election fraud

President Al Gore

see videos and comments-is he testing the water for a late entry?

very late, Mr. Gore 18.Oct.2007 23:46


We depended on you to really fight in 2000 because you WON. Mr. Gore, you are over seven years late so anyone who really counts on Gore 'saving the world' is hugely mistaken. He has done good work popularizing the concerns about the environment, though frankly, I expect nothing of Mr. Gore politically for the rest of his life.

born again? 23.Oct.2007 13:05


The clamoring for Gore ignores the reality of Gore both when he actually had the power to do something meaningful as vice-president and when he ran for president. You think he was an environmentalist? Investigate Gore on Kyoto. You think he was anti-war? Read about Yugoslavia and Iraq under Gore/Clinton. You think he was anti-corporate? Wake up.

Read "Al Gore - A User's Manual". Google him for his statements during his presidential campaign.

The only argument that Gore-worshipers have is that he has suddenly been born again and NOW would pursue the policies that he didn't pursue when he could have/should have. This is your religion and not mine.