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?? - Max Train - Police Activity a 1:30 alert

max train service - disrupted - top off 4 ?
Due to police activity, MAX service is disrupted between Rose Quarter Transit Station and Hollywood/NE 42nd Avenue Transit Center. Buses are shuttling riders. (notice sent to downtown businesses) today (Thursday 1:30pm)

side note 1pm

Police car blocking street w/lights-on at 7th street (going north towards MAX line) (south lane is open) on Lloyd Street (?)

real bomb detected? 18.Oct.2007 14:15

news watcher

from KATU:

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bomb-sniffing dogs being used for a TOPOFF exercise in northeast Portland detected the real thing, prompting police to cordon off a hotel, close nearby streets and shut down the MAX.

According to Brian Schmautz with the Portland Police Bureau, as officials were doing a sweep of the Doubletree Hotel located near the Lloyd Center, bomb-sniffing dogs got a hit on a car in the vicinity.

There is currently a heavy police presence in the area while police investigate.

just one perspective 18.Oct.2007 16:23


i think it's a fake, or part of the drill. i went by lloyd ctr around 11:30 heading to the max and there was a sniffer dog and cop checking out cars on the west side of the mall. both dog and cop seemed easy-going and mellow. i totally trust animals to be an accurate barometer of danger. the dog was smiley and tail-waggy. coming back around 2:30, the blocks around lloyd were cordoned off and a couple of cops directing traffic said it was a bomb threat. but they seemed way too casual and relaxed for me to think it was the real deal. the other cops i saw seemed to be chatting and hanging out... no body language or tone of voice or posture that suggested tension. pigeons were out and about doing their thing, and the usual birds were aloft in the air.

3:12pm ALERT and a 3:53pm ALERT 18.Oct.2007 17:25

Look See

312 ALERT - to downtown businesses::
Due to a police action, the entire Yellow Line has been shut down. Buses are shuttling riders along the entire alignment from Rose Quarter Transit Center to Expo Center.

3:53 ALERT - to downtown businesses::
MAX Yellow Line service has been restored but both Red and Blue lines are still disrupted between Rose Quarter Transit Center and Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave Transit Center. Buses are shuttling riders.