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Bush and the Dalai Llama

medal of honor??
Just what is the sarcasm behind Bush's awarding the Dalai Llama a gigantic gold medal? A man who stands for spiritual freedom and non-materialistic advancement in the world NEEDS a chunk of glaring gold?

unable to resist 17.Oct.2007 20:02


I liked your typo. "Dalai llama."
the Dalai Lama
the Dalai Lama
the Dali llama
the Dali llama

a trick, no treat 18.Oct.2007 02:10

vy coonya

All hail the dolly lama

medals are easy 18.Oct.2007 09:35

lapsed buddhist

Actually doing or even saying anything about China's human rights record would be way too dangerous for da widdle bush man