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what ever happened to PoPo's Scott McCollister

with all the current news about inept/lying Sheriff
Bernie and an assortment of PoPo's cops being sued
for abuse of force and lying on their reports, I am
reminded of the "poster boy" of local Bad Cops and
am wondering what ever happened to SCOTT McCOLLISTER
is he still with the PPB? What hasn't he been in the news since his
killing of Kendra James a few years back? Did he ever experience any
real remorse for his wanton act of killing? Does his fellow PPB pals
still relish going out on patrol with his as sidekick, or is he now a
"lone ranger" riding by himself? What is the story about the dude?

Anyone wishing to share comments and update on this infamous PoPig are
invited to do so...

McCollister Update 17.Oct.2007 13:48


I see reports by McCollister routinely. He's out there with PPB patrolling the city. Other cops work with him (his reports are typically accompanied by others patrolling with him). I've noticed nothing remarkable about his work, as seen through his and his partners' reports. By that I mean that his reports are routine police reports. He seems to be arresting people for felony property and drug crimes, although I wouldn't doubt he commonly comes across misdemeanors and violent stuff as well.