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Team Dresch Saves the Day!

Queercore band Team Dresch has stepped in to save the day. They will be performing a reunion show on November 2 at the Wonder Ballroom as part of the Siren Nation Festival. We love Team Dresch!
Last week Siren Nation received the unfortunate news that the Gossip is backing out of playing at the festival. Since this is just a little more than 3 weeks before opening night, and since we had a signed contract with the Gossip and were depending on their participation, this sudden withdrawal really put the pressure on Siren Nation. HOWEVER, after some serious scrambling, TEAM DRESCH has agreed to do a reunion show and will be headlining on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2nd at the Wonder Ballroom. We couldn't be more excited about the recent turn of events.

Please go to www.teamdresch.com and www.myspace.com/teamdresch to find out more about this awesome band and the many ways that they have influenced the indie music scene.

Tickets and passes are available NOW at the Wonder Ballroom box office, Music Millenium, and In Other Words Women's Books and Resources, as well as on-line at www.sirennation.com.


homepage: homepage: http://www.sirennation.com

Kaia? 17.Oct.2007 10:50


Will Kaia be with them?