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Breaking News: Chertoff arrives tomorrow at 10 30 AM

I'm just got the announcement during today's topoff 4 press conference.
He will speak at David Douglas at 10 30 AM. They will have more mock victims there at David Douglas taking part in the drill. You will not legally gain entry with a press pass. I will be there, hopefully I will be joined by individuals who are going to ask the tough questions to this man's face. I have already challenged the mayor, FEMA spokesman, and DHS spokesman. Chertoff will be no different.

If you want to protest, understand the security situation.

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Chertoff 17.Oct.2007 10:26


Excellent Alex! I can't wait to hear or see your reports as you challenge all these so-called leaders. Thanks for the work you are doing on behalf of this city, state and nation. We need someone who can go in person and ask the hard questions. I hope you get answers. You mentioned an hour long something in your last post- will there be a video online? Those of us at the Portland group are so glad you and Ginny are doing the press thing since those of who would like to can't. Best of luck, Patti

Update 17.Oct.2007 16:58


There is some dangerous fool strafing homes in Southeast Portland at the moment, in what looks like a military helicopter.

put up this sign in your neighborhood: 18.Oct.2007 09:38


"FEMA-free Zone"