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Reliance Property Management is trying to extort money out of me. What do I do?

Landlord didn't take me off lease and now expects $700 is 30 days.
I need help! I rented an apartment a year ago and got a letter from collections stating that I owe $700 because they landlord never got around to taking me off of the lease. I have an email sent six months after I had moved out asking if the landlord would respond if they hadn't taken me off the lease because they never got a hold of me.

The woman representing Reliance Propert Management said she was on vacation and didn't see a need to respond.These apartments were terrible we had 3 windows which didn't work, heaters, that didn't work and water that poured out of a light fixture.

The other two roommates are flakes and drug addicts so what am I supposed to do? I don't have enough money to file in small claims court plus that would take months to a year and the collections agency only gave me 30 days. I called a number that was supposed to help but their mailbox was full. Seven hundred dollars is a lot of money to me and if it was my debt I'd be glad to pay it but this is absurd.

Please help!

Contact Community Alliance of Tenants 17.Oct.2007 11:05

Contact Community Alliance of Tenants

Contact Community Alliance of Tenants at www.oregoncat.org/