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1K High Temp Records Broken in Sept.

[Highlights of Sept. NCDC report]

Last month's combined global land and ocean
surface temperature was the fifth warmest
September on record and the global ocean
surface temperature was the second warmest
since records began in 1880.
That's not surprising when we remember that the
Arctic Sea ice reached its lowest amount since
satellite measurements began in 1979, shattering
the previous record low set in 2005.

June through August set more than 2,000 new daily
high temperature records..... and September saw
another 1,000 high temps broken.

The heat also helped spread the worsening drought to
almost half of the contiguous U.S., with conditions
across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Tennessee
Valley hardest hit.

Asian Typhoons (hurricanes) Nari, Wipha and Fitow
along with hurricanes Humberto, Felix, Lorenzo and Henriette
have made it a very active month around the world. "This is the
first time since records began in 1949 that both Atlantic and
Pacific hurricanes made landfall the same day (BBC News).

8 named storms in September nearly matches the 8.6
yearly average in the Atlantic region (1970 - 1994) with
one becoming a cat. 5 and two cat. 1s.

Oklahoma City's 24 hour rainfall record of 2.4 inches was
shattered with 6.3 inches falling on Sept. 10.


National Climatic Data Center, October 16, 2007