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Price we pay

A man, who was playing Rambo in the woods (during hunting season???)learned what we all know about the dangers of being in the woods during the fall, when the woods are at their loveliest-HUNTERS ARE KILLERS, crazed, and will shoot at ANYTHING THAT MOVES.
Jesse Solomon McLaughlin, 20, was receiving treatment at Eugene's Sacred Heart Hospital Tuesday.

"We are grateful for the love of so many friends, family and supporters contributing to Jesse's healing," his family said in a statement released Tuesday. "As we continue this journey with Jesse, we ask for your support and prayers for his healing."

The McMinnville News-Register is reporting that McLaughlin was playing paintball in a rural area when he was shot by a hunter who was not part of his group. OK, so he was playing killer man, when he was shot, still, he was not aiming lethal weapons at rustling bushes, as was his attacker.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office said the hunter, 28-year-old Derek Eli Madsen of Veneta, shot into some brush near a Bureau of Land Management road where McLaughlin was playing. McLaughlin was struck by a single shot.

It was not clear what kind of gun the hunter was using, but you can bet it was neither a paint ball gun, nor a bb gun.

No charges have been filed but the sheriff's office is still investigating the incident, but will eventually rule that this is the price we must all pay, for venturing into the woods when the men, with their substitute penises, are out, in droves, venting their blood lust.

Paintball game turns tragic 16.Oct.2007 18:54

Reposted by Fred Bauer

Paintball game turns tragic

Published: October 16, 2007

McLaughlin: Graduated from Mac High in 2005

Of the News-Register

A trip into the woods for a paintball game with friends and co-workers, made on a beautiful fall afternoon, turned tragic Saturday.

Jesse Solomon McLaughlin, a 2005 McMinnville High School graduate now attending the University of Oregon, was shot in the neck by a hunter in a rural area near Eugene.

McLaughlin, who has his 21st birthday coming up next week, is the son of Joe and Melissa McLaughlin of McMinnville. They own Country Garden Nursery on Poverty Bend Road. He was transported by Lane Rural Fire & Rescue to the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, where he was still listed in critical condition this morning in the intensive care unit.

"He opens his eyes and will respond if you talk to him," said younger brother Aaron, a Mac High student. "He's on a breathing machine. We're just waiting to see what happens."

Aaron, his parents and another brother, Isaac, who came up from Medford to catch Saturday's Oregon-WSU football game, rallied to Jesse's bedside. Other relatives, some of whom live in California, have also shown up at the hospital, where they have been joined by Jesse's many friends.

"We have a lot of support," Aaron said from the hospital. "There were about 30 people here last night.

"Everyone is helping out, bringing food. We just ask for everyone's prayers and thoughts."

Lane County Sheriff's Sgt. Fred Swank identified the shooter as Derek Eli Madsen, 28, of Veneta. No charges have been filed, but Swank said the incident remains under investigation.

The sheriff's office released few details about the incident, but McLaughlin's friends gave this account to his family:

The group, which included some of Jesse's co-workers from the local IHOP pancake house, arrived in a wooded area southwest of Eugene about 11 a.m.

They had just started playing their first paintball game when three Jeeps drove by on the road. No one in the group thought anything of it, and play continued.

Two of the Jeeps came back down the road, then the third came by and stopped. One of the occupants, subsequently identified as Madsen, got out and fired a rifle round into the brush where McLaughlin was standing, about 15 and 30 feet off the road. The bullet struck McLaughlin in the neck.

"The guy said he thought he was shooting at a skunk," Aaron said, "but he had a huge scope on his rifle. He came over and realized what had happened. Jesse's friends stopped the game.

"One of them is a lifeguard who knows CPR and rescue breathing. Jesse had a heartbeat but no pulse, so his friend started rescue breathing. There was cell phone service and they called 911."

There was too much cloud cover for a Life Flight or REACH helicopter to make it in, so it took two hours to get McLaughlin to the hospital.

An account has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank to help the family defray the costs of medical care, travel and other expenses. The number is 7782541861.

If you go out in the woods today 16.Oct.2007 20:03


Again, not too safe to go cruising for autumn leaves with killers lurking behind every tree.

skunk season? 16.Oct.2007 20:14


So the guy thought he was shooting at a skunk. That goes to show that many hunters will and do shoot at anything that moves in the woods. Identify your target!! Better yet, find a new hobby.

The "Hobby" is . . . 16.Oct.2007 22:39


. . . to shoot and "take out" live targets: The thrill of the kill at a distance.

"It was awsome . . . Let's do it again!"
..."Got'im?" ..."Roger"...
..."Hit'im!" ..."Roger"...

The "Hobby" is . . . 16.Oct.2007 22:46


. . . to shoot and "take out" live targets: The thrill of the techno-mediated kill at a distance.

"It was awsome . . . Let's do it again!"
..."Got'im?" ..."Roger"...
..."Hit'im!" ..."Roger"...