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2nd open letter to CINDY SHEEHAN...

...(after her reply to my first letter): Is the Democratic Party a force for change (albeit feeble) or is it a capitalist/imperialist part deadset against the masses taking matters into their own hands?
Dear Cindy,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my first open letter to you ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/09/365593.shtml) about the necessity of breaking with the Democratic Party. You didn't mention whether you wanted your reply made public so I've decided to quote the key point with which I disagree rather than just repeat the whole letter.

I hope you don't mind me publicly noting that, on one hand, you "...agree with my letter 100%" yet you later state that you "...think we need to support their feeble attempts. they have a strong and large organization that has lots of power...moving them to the left can only be good, and if they fail, there is nothing lost, because they are centrists at the best".

Some history: The Democratic Party (DP) has always been and will always be a capitalist and imperialist party. The Great Depression threw millions of people into intense, militant struggle against the rich. The reforms implemented by the New Deal, by satisfying some of the peoples' immediate needs, averted revolution and recast the DP under FDR as the party of labor and minorities. Of late, this facade has been wearing quite thin, especially because of the Democratically-controlled Congress' support of the atrocity that is the war in Iraq. Honest, democratically-minded (little "d") people are right now defecting from the DP in huge numbers and are trying to figure out how to assert their political will. THIS IS A GOOD THING AND NEEDS TO BE ENCOURAGED. However, the only way your remarks could possibly be interpreted is that people should stick around since maybe the DP will develop a better facade to fool the people.

I know that this is not how you feel because you have made it clear many times that you are for the growth of the mass movement and for people asserting their will in the streets. As a leader of the anti-war movement, you are in a position to play an enormous role in helping people overcome their illusions that the DP and the American political system, which are irrevocably tied to the interests of the corporations and the rich. The longer you fail to resolve this contradiction in your thinking, the more you hold the movement back. I'm sorry to state this so harshly but there are clearly many lives at stake.

Thanks very much for taking the time to hear my views. I'm quite interested in what you think of them.

--Ira Jones, Seattle ( irajon@gmail.com)

if Casey had been just a shooter not a shootee 14.Oct.2007 15:51

kirsten anderberg

I still have a major problem with her explanation of her paid killer son, Casey. Cindy's sister wrote me and said that Casey's family was told by the recruiters that Casey was so smart he would never see front line action so they were cool with it. THey apparently did not realize the military says that to all families. So they were fine with the pawns on the front line going down, as long as their son was free from that. The Sheehan family was SILENT as Casey left for war, and helped with the illegal occupation of Iraq. They were silent as his missions killed innocent civilians. And it came down to this: either people on their home turf are shot and killed by white military hauled in from America in an illegal war or SHOOT THE ILLEGAL INVADERS IN DEFENSE! Casey got what he was dishing out to Iraqis. It seems clear that the only reason Cindy became an activist was her own son was shot but that was far too little too late. We now need to know HOW MANY IRAQIS DID CASEY KILL IN HIS ILLEGAL OCCUPATION? I simply cannot look at this woman as a hero when it really does seem her only complaint is HER kid died. And as I have said repeatedly, we cannot wait for each mother's kid to come home dead for them to GET IT. I would not LET my son go to war to kill others. Period. And I do not respect mothers who raise and condone their kids becoming paid killers in illegal wars.