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Rains and Justice--Lone Vet Report

84 days and no change by "The" Earl
I thought I would stop by and say hello to the staff of Blumenauer on Wednesday. Because it was going to rain in the afternoon, I arrived about 11:00 AM and thought I would stay for an hour or so. I was caught in the rain about 12:10, and I mean rain. I was standing on Oregon Street with water running down my impeach Cheney cap thinking, "Joe, get the hell out of here."

I made it to the pavilion and waited for another 30 minutes with four other trapped souls wondering if Noah's Ark was going to show up and save us from the floods. Thursday would be better, the usual cast of suspects would join me and we would have some fun with a new direction called the, "Declaration of Justice."

I made up a board that said only:

Declaration of Justice

No Accountability------------No Support.


We gathered over 20 signatures that said to Rep. Blumenauer that if Cheney and Bush walk out of the White House without being held accountable for their treachery, we the signers would not support them in the 2010 election. I also talked to people who came concerning what our next move should be due to the sad fact that Pelosi, Reed and Blumenauer are not going to call for accountability. They seem to be satisfied using the Iraq occupation as a political format to gain more votes in the 2008 election cycle.

Some of the suggestions:

Move the Declaration of Justice to each Reps office in the coming weeks and months.

Start planning civil disobedience.

Do more leafleting throughout Portland on what we are doing.

Costume Party outside Blumenauer's Party.

Got anything you want to offer, please do---this is going to be a long battle, all ideas are welcome!

Last Thursday was our 12th Week in front of Blumenauer's Office, we are tired but will not give up until this madness is over or impeachment is back on the table. I know it is getting harder and harder to show up, but it beats the hell out of being in the desert and knowing that today you may die or you may kill a child.

Come have some fun, laugh and cry with us, we are determined to speed up the end of our national insanity.

Do not forget this coming Wednesday, 10/17/07 again at the City Council at 0930, wear your red impeachment t-shirts and make a statement.
They will vote to pass a resolution on impeachment sooner or later----me thinks sooner!

For Justice and Peace,

Joe Walsh---Lone Vet

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