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Critical Mass Saves lives

I was sad to hear about the recent bicycle fatality on 14th and Burnside. These tragedies are preventable. Nobody gets up in the morning and says to themselves, "I'm going to run someone over today" Raising awareness among all users of the roads is key to safer commuting. Critical mass raises awareness.
First of all I'd like to share an idea that has kept me alive and you can use right away..

When you stop at an intersection, MAKE EYE CONTACT with operators of cars and trucks. You know what "eye contact" is. Seeing someones face doesnt count, without "eye contact" they may "see" you but you do not register in thier brain, which largely paints a picture of what it thinks is there.

Critical Mass, and by this I mean a thousand bicycles taking over the street in blatant disregard of traffic regulations, makes drivers aware they are sharing the road with bikes and pedestrians. The same road raging soccer mom honking her horn and cussing like a sailor next week will see, and by this I mean have awareness of, the bicycle in the lane next to her before she turns right into a tigard parking lot, saving a human life.

Could there be some way to have the news helicopters, some token pepper spray and half a dozen arrests without the messy traffic tickets, court dates and screwed up "record" to mess with peoples lives for the next three years in terms of grown-up stuff like insurance and backround cheks for jobs? good practice for the cops and it would raise awareness, saving lives.

Talk to friends who ride motorcycles, they all have stories of being "invisible."