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al bore peace prize???

This is disgusting!

bore's exteme arrogance, combined with the absolute hypocrisy of his own excessive power usage serve to make ordinary people around the world hostile to actually taking steps to deal with climate change.
Al Bore is most famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2000 pres. election. Then being too dignified to question the obvious cheating which installed shrub "as leader of the free world"

I was and still am proud to have voted for Nader in 2000. I'd rather support the bush dynasty than have Joe Lieberman one heartbeat away from "the button". News flash here to democrats, had nader not been on the ballot I might just filled in the circle next to george w bush.

WHAT THE @$%&*! Al bore chose leiberman, the senator from tel-aviv, as his running mate and now he's getting a peace prize??? dick cheney may occasionally clobber a hunting buddy and rumor has it he eats a baby once in a while but if you cross lieberman he wouldnt hesitate to drive an IDF modified d-9 cat up your butt. Us 'Mericans are pretty ignorant of mideast polotics but the nobel prize is from norway- isnt that some where in Europe where they ought to know better???

I will admit that al bore is a brilliant man. He invented the internet and he knows whats best for you. His spelling and punctuation are probably a lot better than mine.

The extreme arrogance bothers me, I belive as human beings we need to look past our selves and consider the entire 5 billion strong human race as one. So it's not just my crappy (lack of) "self esteem" that I dont capitialize my name all the time.

The other thing is the glaring hypocrisy in Al's lifestyle.

It reminds me of the early 1990's, I was studying Forestry and lived and worked among loggers and millworkers, I remember this "environmentalist" movie narrated by meryl streep where she was sitting on a huge deck in a custom house in the woods. the loggers and millworkers I knew lived in modest homes literaly built from the leftover scraps of such places. People who practiced what they preached like my roomate who insisted on living small were cast aside by these sierra-clubbers as crazy radicals.

Put the VCR on fast-forward and scan thru "inconveinent truth" you'll see Al in a town car, Al in an airplane, Al in a helicopter. Google up his famous $30000 power bill. Anyone who uses 20 times the average amount of power in his house should have thier service cut off and forced to go to conservation class with Jimmy Carter and Energy Ant.

The nobel peace prize ought to go to someone working directly for peace.

You disgust me 13.Oct.2007 21:00


Al Gore's not perfect. But until we find a perfect human being (like yourself, I suppose) to award the Nobel Peace Prize to, let's give it to someone whose gone a pretty long way toward waking the world up to the climate crisis - whatever his personality afflictions might be. Since when was personality a criterion for the Peace Prize, anyway? Kristen has a point about Gore doing more than you - how many nation-shaking documentaries about environmental destruction have you produced lately? You make me glad that I parted company with Nader's party some time ago; Nader himself is a good man, but his supporters are too often all-cynisism-no-action malcontents who would rather sit at home and gripe than actually support something worthwhile, like using the Peace Prize to bring attention to the greatest crisis threatening our civilization. There are lots of things I wish Al Gore would change about himself; but I'm not so blind as to not be able to see that this Peace Prize is going to bring even more public attention to global warming - and we need all the attention on that subject we can get, right now. I know you'll post some scathing response to this message, but don't expect me to reply. I'm not going to visit this post again; I don't want to waste my time.


Fred, instead of environmentalism... 14.Oct.2007 00:27


...you have a true future in psyops. Contact them. They'll love you.

Ok But. 14.Oct.2007 07:40

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

I understand how you can be bent out of shape over Al getting the prize but if a small ice age occures because of global warming the Scandanavian nations will be destroyed. Just think of Al getting the prize as the Scandanavians attemping to break through all the american propaganda in order to reach the american public with a clear and desicive message. It's as if they saying to us "We're Fucked If You Don't Stop".

brain snatcher 15.Oct.2007 22:02


"i hate environmentalists"