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BLM Extends WOPR Comment Period to Dec. 10; Get Involved Locally

October 12, 2007


* BLM Extends WOPR Comment Period to Dec. 10; Get Involved Locally
* Join the CWP's Alaska Field Office for a Eugene Presentation, Nov. 6
* CWP and Allies Halt Black Crater Post-fire timber sale Through Legal Settlement
* CWP Files Lawsuit to Protect Wildlife and Old-growth Habitat on the Deschutes NF
* BLM Extends WOPR Comment Period to Dec. 10, Get Involved Locally

Due to public pressure, the Bureau of Land Management recently extended the public comment period for the Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) to December 10, 2007. Please take a moment and submit a comment on this proposal that will open up old-growth and streamside reserves on western Oregon BLM lands to clearcutting and ramp up logging by three-fold in the region. More information about the WOPR can be found at  link to www.oregonheritageforests.org.

On Monday, October 10, the Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates, Land Air Water, Cascadia Wildlands Project, Oregon Wild, Climate Crisis Working Group, and UO OSPIRG will be showing the locally produced, 20 minute film "Boom, Bust, and the BLM," which is all about the WOPR. One of the filmmakerts will be there to introduce the film. After the film get the information and tools you need to take action, including comment writing advice from CWP's staff attorney, Dan Kruse, and discuss solutions for Oregon's under-funded counties. The film will be shown in room 175 Knight Law Center (15th and Agate St.) in Eugene, is free and open to the public and is wheelchair accessible. The DVD is also for sale ($5-20 ss) and can be obtained by contacting 688-2600 or email  tsuga@efn.org. All proceeds go back into the DVD project.

On Wednesday, October 18, the Eugene BLM will be hosting a "technical briefing" on the WOPR. It is being held from 8:00 am- 4:30 pm at the Eugene BLM office, 2890 Chad Drive in Eugene. Details about the event can be found at  http://www.blm.gov/or/plans/wopr/oct-pub-meetings.php. This is a good opportunity to learn about any issues you have related to the WOPR.

Join the Cascadia Wildlands Project and Oregon Wild for a hike to a remnant old-growth forest outside of Cottage Grove now threatened by the WOPR. This forest is literally the backyard of many landowners in the area who are outraged by the BLM proposal. We will depart Eugene at 9:30 am on Saturday, October 20 from Kinko's back parking lot (13th and Willamette St.). We will also stop through Sunshine Market in Cottage Grove (Main St.) at 10:15 am to meet up with interested public there before the hike. Plan to bring raingear, water, lunch and hiking boots. Please RSVP for the hike to  jlaughlin@cascwild.org.

* Join the CWP's Alaska Field Office for a Eugene Presentation, Nov. 6

"The Imperiled Copper River and Its World Class Delta"
Tuesday, November 6 * 6:30-7:30 pm
Tykeson Room, Eugene Public Library (10th and Olive St.)

Join Gabe Scott, the Cascadia Wildlands Project's Alaska Field Representative for an informative and stunning slideshow about Alaska's unparalleled Copper River, its rich Delta and threats they face from the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline and commercial extraction interests. Gabe has spent the past 8 years in Cordova, a quaint fishing village on the mouth of the delta and on the eastern shore of Prince William Sound, working with fishermen and locals to ensure the world-class salmon fishery and surrounding wildlands remain unspoiled for future generations. The event is free, open to the public and wheelchair accessible. For more information, contact the Cascadia Wildlands Project, 541.434.1463, www.cascwild.org

* CWP and Allies Halt Black Crater Post-fire Timber Sale Through Legal Settlement

In early October, the Cascadia Wildlands Project, League of Wilderness Defenders - Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, and the Sierra Club brokered a settlement agreement with the US Forest Service that prevents logging in an old-growth forest reserve and critical spotted owl recovery habitat that burned last year in the Black Crater fire outside Sisters, Oregon.

The settlement ends our lawsuit, which cited an impermissibly narrow economic purpose for logging in forest reserves, distortions of scientific research regarding spotted owl use of fire-scorched habitat, and failure to involve the public in project planning.

The agreement allows tree cutting on 27 acres adjacent to private industrial timberland that was heavily logged after the fire, but precludes it on another 174 acres. The Forest Service sold logging rights on that 27-acre tract to Butte Timberlands, Inc., on September 25, 2007.

Numerous studies in the Pacific Northwest report that burned old-growth forests provide habitat critical for the survival and recovery of threatened northern spotted owl. The Forest Service erroneously stated in planning documents for the timber sale that burned forests do not provide wildlife habitat, and that post-fire logging for economic reasons is an appropriate use of forest reserves.

* CWP Files Lawsuit to Protect Wildlife and Old-growth Habitat on the Deschutes NF

On October 4, the CWP, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project and Sierra Club filed suit in U.S. District Court here to prevent logging in old growth forest reserves, including critical recovery habitat for northern spotted owl, near popular recreation grounds in the Cascade Lakes area of the Deschutes National Forest near Crescent.

The lawsuit challenges the U.S. Forest Service's Five Buttes Project, which includes logging of 4,235 acres, The plaintiffs cited a failure to adequately protect wildlife and an increased risk of severe fires resulting from the project, among other issues.

The first of the Five Buttes timber sales, the Bass sale, sold last week to Interfor Pacific. Plaintiffs located numerous old growth ponderosa pine trees, some over three feet in diameter, marked to be cut in the Bass sale. The timber sales also would log critical spotted owl recovery habitat, which the Forest Service confirms in its Environmental Assessment of the Five Buttes Project would not be useable by owls for 30 to 50 years after logging.

The lawsuit came on the same day that the same parties settled another suit on the Black Crater post-fire timber sale, also in spotted owl critical habitat, in the Sisters Ranger District of the Deschutes Forest. In that settlement, the Forest Service withdrew seven of eight timber sale units, protecting the Black Crater area's naturally recovering forest habitat for spotted owls and other wildlife of concern.


Josh Laughlin, Conservation Director
Cascadia Wildlands Project
P.O. Box 10455
Eugene, OR 97440
541.434.1463 (voice)
541.434.6494 (fax)

The Cascadia Wildlands Project is dedicated to defending the forests, waters, and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Visit www.cascwild.org to learn more about wildlands issues and our leadership in the conservation movement. Become a member today at  http://www.cascwild.org/donate.html. Your support makes a difference!

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I hate rednecks and yuppy environmentalists equally 18.Jan.2008 00:11

the man who is here and now

To the BLM employees concerning the Western Oregon Plan Revision,
What exactly is sustainable forestry?

"Sustenance for the forests" or "the ability to sustain forests?"

You Federal Employees have all taken an oath to defend the Constitution of The United States of America. That is your ethical standard that should never be compromised.

However, as I write this, as an Oregonian for 30 years, and having once been a Federal Forestry Technician, I'm afraid there are many BLM employees who feel extremely defensive and overwhelmed by the extreme dirty rotten game of radical environmental groups, self serving Politicians, and the greed of some timber industrialists. .

On the one hand there is a disgusting and revolting unwholesome demographic of radical environmental activists, who are really a bunch of naive idealists who hate the human race. Many are criminals by committing acts of arson and vandalism, and many others are a shrewd cabal of lawyers. The most hypocritical are those children from affluent parents who grew up in houses made of wood AND have a political agenda of absolutely zero logging on public lands for their exclusive private playground, attacking an industry that allowed them to live somewhere safe at the most tenderest vulnerable years of their lives. And yet they see all timber industrialists as never having any alternative solution they agree with, nor anything positive about any of their production methods. Their tactics are filled with all sorts of tear-jerking rhetoric and bold faced lies.. . .

Equally disgusting are a bunch of closed minded inbred backwater bucktooth blindly obedient working class tools of the timber industry, who in an odd twisted way twist the rhetoric of their noble working class livelihood of utilizing and harvesting the fruits from our beautiful forests, into a sadistic, bestial addictive fetish activity, to "break stuff" and kill stuff --- as though progress is measured in one's ability to hurt someone or something. These people are a bunch of alcoholic, workaholic, methamphetimine loaded pig faced apes who have sold their soul to their bosses, bosses who care little for their families' safety and workers' rights, and who if they had their way would expect every unfortunate victim that pisses them off to submit and "squeeal like like a pig" too like a scene from the movie "Deliverance".

These 2 extremes: radical environmentalism and extreme timber beast savagery may seem like an exaggeration to the average citizen, but any Federal employee with half a brain worth of experience will realize the nightmare of these 2 diametrically opposite extremists pulling tug'o'war at your conscience on a daily basis.

Neither of these extreme attitudes necessarily requires an extreme reaction to assert your authority. Remember, you are appointed public servants who have a job to make an honest fearless and searching inventory of the public land. You have a job to do everything in your power to maintain a pure unbiased conscience. When you make your forest observations tell the-people-you-make your-reports-to EXACTLY what they need to hear no more and no less. Tell them the complete and whole truth, with no intimidation from anyone. Never surrender nor capitulate to anyone who will feel disappointed by your honest true grit observations.

You are our trusted valuable forest accountants,
not some forgotten peon,
not some politically correctly appointed data fetching monkies,
and not puppets on the marionette strings of crooked politicians,

both of these extremists would like to have you believe you are.

The dynamics of life and death in the wilderness is far more of an ancient mystery than any of you can can expect to solve alone. So please keep an open mind, carefully listen to what people are saying deep in their angry hearts before reacting, regardless of whether you are dealing with an immediate supervisor, logging company, or the relentless environmental protesters, we are all the same citizens under the same Constitution you swore to defend.

ALWAYS remember you are forest accountants who give an account of what the forests need to be sustained and what sustenance needs given to the forest. P LEASE seek pure ethically sound forest stewardship in harmony with nature respecting the earth's bounty above anything else!. . . . . So that we can all maintain a beautiful balance of everlasting supply, of beautiful artistic forest products, beautiful biodiversity, beautiful fish and wildlife habitat, spiritual serenity of the forests, and beautiful comfortable safe secure homes for as many people as possible as soon as possible.

God Bless You and GOOD LUCK