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Barksdale Nuke & the KH-13

Is the Barksdale Rogue Nuke headed for Portland
Lots of speculation about it:

Captain May, OTA, Tarpley, Rense.com, Madsen Report and numerous other sources suggest that a possible nuke-gone-missing, from the whistle-blown-aborted attempt to transfer a B-52 load of nuke-tipped cruise missiles to the Middle East Theatre of the Global War Of Terror, may now be either in or on its way to Portland.

More recent rumors that Cheney himself will be in Portland during the TOPOFF 4/Vigilant Shield 8 war gaming, terrorism response drills (biggest ever) are being cited to suggest that the drills will not "go live."

Another line of thought is that some aspect of it will "go live" and Cheney will then be on the scene to exercise some significant COG directive - what exactly only few know from the secret inner layers of NPSD-51 - but an exercise in implementing martial law is the implied conclusion.

Beyond that is the notion that it's all a huge psy-op to further stress a citizenry continually bombarded, since 911 with reminders of "the lessons of 911," color-coded terror threat levels and ominous "gut feelings" of terror doom from the DHS director himself.

And finally, we get the notion that the wide publicity being given the drills is part of the set up for the patsies, i.e. that will offer them both motive and incentive to disrupt drills specifically targeting what they "might" do; ergo: egging them on, as it were.

Whatever the truth of whatever happens, it's every bit as riveting as any hijinks the Deities of Olympus ever ventured. Hang on for what will either be the ride of the century, or the biggest anti-climax of the decade! Let's hope for the latter, and if that comes to pass, thank the awareness efforts. If nothing else, people are thinking more about what can be done from the shadows and who might be doing it. As much beloved columnist Russle Baker once put it, "What a time to be alive!"

One final angle...yeah, Pravda is not widely trusted, but from what we know, now it is at least as much as the MSM anywhere else..."American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear attack on Iran thwarted"


Peru and the "Meterorite" 13.Oct.2007 07:46

9/11 Truther

That U.S. satellite hit Peru on September 15th and it came down like a fiery ball from heaven and hit the countryside. At the time it was claimed to be a "meteorite" - at least that was what the people were told. But the people in the area began getting sick right away - "experts" told them it was because of the gases from the meteorite.


Interestingly enough it has already been added to Wikipedia and discounted as a meteorite! However, there are others who were suspicious and chatter and blogging ensued that it was really a U.S. satellite and that the people were poisoned by plutonium, uranium and/or whatever else those things contain.

Thanks to Pravda to giving us more of the story!

Plots Against Hitler 13.Oct.2007 18:39


Just looked at the information about coup attempts against Hitler.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_20_Plot
This commentator believes a US attack against Iran will be like Hitler's invasion of the USSR, a military disaster. There may be high ranking US military officers who agree.