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International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 2

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 2 (On Killing The Cop Within)

On the streets many of us have seen unusual things; 3 cops keeping 50 people at bay, even inspiring fear in some of them; a raised bicycle utterly terrifying a mob of would be wizards; a crowd of 300 suddenly neutralized as it hovered menacingly around a recruiting center, on the verge, the utter verge of doing what they knew needed to be done. There is more at work here in these types of occurrences than mere physical matter. Something else is responsible for 300 people not clobbering 50 pigs. A powerful spell is wielded over us all. The cops, the cops that stand in our way on the streets, have gotten into our very minds.

Our nemesis has vast resources. It attempts to shape culture through its media. Through its media, the notion of the invincible cop has spread wildly in the US. But there is more to it than the media. The school system and capitalist employers do nothing but ingrain the ideas of authority, hierarchy and regimentation into the minds of the population. There is always someone above you. And they have power over your life. They must be obeyed, whether out of fear or by choice. To disobey is to be attacked by the apparatus that surrounds you. An F on a report card, expulsion, termination, demotion, wage decrease. We are taught to live in dread of those supposedly above us.

People in the US who have had little or no interaction with the police believe them to be a benign, neutral entity which makes a few mistakes every once in a while. To everyone else, the police are a hostile entity. Continuously lying, indulging in sadistic violence, murdering children, planting drugs on those who have not paid them off, banding together to destroy innocent people; these are just a few of the traits of the police.

We all know how vile the police are. We have experienced their violence. We have been taught to fear the police for so long that, despite how much we may despise them, we hesitate to defend ourselves. Even if we know we can merely take out our wands and be out of danger, we stop for a moment, just long enough for the baton to come down or the rubber bullet to hit us in the skull. The enemy, through its spell, has made us believe that these human beings in front of us, these men and women who have nothing but a number on their chest, are somehow above us. They may have guns and a domestic army at their backs, but they are NOT above us.

While they are in our minds, the word of a cop can keep us on the sidewalk. This is pathetic (The IAC has indulged in such pathetic behavior. This statement is not meant as an attack). They are nothing but what we allow them to be. We cannot change the fact that they can shoot us, but we can refuse to listen to them until they look like they are going to shoot us. Most of our fear is mental. Our fear of the cops has been programmed into us. Part of that fear is real, coming from the weapons they posses and the jails they run. The rest of that fear is an illusion.

The next time you are walking on the street and the pigs tell you to get on the sidewalk, think for a moment, judge your surroundings and your support, and figure out if you are in any real danger. You will soon be surprised when you realize that unless that cop really wants to start something in the midst of a huge, threatening crowd, you will not be in any danger. Do that, and get everyone else out on the street with you. Once you have done this, a wand will magically appear in everyone's pocket. Remove this wand from your pocket. And teach yourself how to use it

That is the first step. Once it is taken you must start de-conditioning yourself from a lifetime of being taught to respect authority unquestioningly. The longer this de-conditioning continues, the more and more magical the world will seem. Unlimited possibilities for life and action will become clear. When the cops are finally stripped of their otherworldly powers, they appear to be as human as they are; broken creatures tricked by the spells of our enemy. On the street they have armor and batons and gas and guns. That is it. We should only fear what we need to fear WHEN we need to fear it. Otherwise we fall right back into their hands.

To truly disobey the government we have to disobey the government. Do not listen to a SINGLE thing they have to say unless you have no choice. Examine exactly why you have no choice. Is it because they are going to shoot at you and you do not want to get hit, or is it because you are scared of something you cannot name? It is too late in the game to keep making excuses for our selves. They are not afraid of those who listen to them. The very act of listening to them gives them power. People listen to cops like they listen to a teacher giving instructions or a manager interviewing them. They listen in the same way people listen to priests or husbands or leaders on the screen. Do not grant them any power over you. They are just like you. And they are making a choice to brutalize the people around them. This cultural masochism must stop. Are their blows really that pleasurable? Should we constantly be taking them as a matter of course?

Answer: No.

The only cop you should kill is the one between your ears (The IAC is not the author of the previous statement). There is a lot of truth to this statement. The cop within is the most powerful cop. When it is gone the possibility of revolution stops being a vague, impossible dream and becomes something within your reach. Your life is your life and no one should be in control of it but you and those you allow into it. Stay on the street when they tell you to move to the sidewalk. After getting away with it ask yourself this: How many other things could I get away with?

Answer: More than you could imagine.

Sincerely Yours,

The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

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