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A BBQ - Music - Speech's - Opt Out Forms & Information
Held at the skate park near Madison High School
Friday Evening 7pm - ?
Friday Evening 7pm - ?
This 15 minute Google video is from an Anti-Recruiter event in Portland last month:

The event was to get information to the youth, about OPTING OUT of the Military Database
All forms were to be turned in by Oct 1

This successful event was put on by various ant-war groups working together to keep high school kids from joining the military war machine. Groups like:
Recruiter Watch PDX, Veterans For Peace Ch 72, Beats For Peace, Globalfam, PDXpeace, MRR, AFSC, and many others

In fact today 10/12/07) at 7pm at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorn Street is a "THANK YOU" Party - stop on in to meet the volunteers and organizers behind this campaign. It is open to the public


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