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Hackmeet this weekend in San Francisco

The mad penguins tech user group is hosting a hackmeeting this weekend in San Francisco, Oct. 13th and 14th, featuring two days of skillshares and workshops. Rides shares from portland may still be available -- contact us if you're interested  http://hackmeet.org/contact
The Mad Penguins tech user group is organizing a two-day "Hackmeet" featuring skillshares and workshops for activists, artists and other community members this weekend, October 13-14, at New College in San Francisco. Topics will include DIY websites, peer-to-peer, pirate radio, net privacy, open-source graphics, audio and video streaming, linux, gender, race and technology, Crabgrass, north-south tech solidarity and more.

Simultaneous hackmeetings will be going on in <a href=" link to sindominio.net.