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Worker's Rights Rally Friday

Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition and Portland Jobs With Justice
Say NO to Unfair Social Security "No Match" Rules
NATIONAL DAY of ACTION This Friday, Oct.12.
Rally at the Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd Av., Portland
Friday, October 12, 11 am

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule punishing employers if they do not take action after receiving Social Security "no-match" letters is on trial. A temporary restraining order found that "if allowed to proceed, the mailing of no-match letters, accompanied by DHS's guidance letter, would result in irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers."

On Friday at 10 am, a delegation representing labor and immigrant rights will visit the Social Security Administration Office (1538 SW Yamhill) to urge support for abolishing the DHS rule. The Rally at 11 am will demonstrate broad based community opposition to this flawed and discriminatory ruling.

Margaret Butler, Executive Director of Portland Jobs with Justice calls this, "...another example of the Bush administration's war on workers. We have to stand up."

"More than 70 percent of the 18 million SSA discrepancies refer to U.S. citizens, but the DHS regulation would encourage employers to fire any worker based on these erroneous discrepancies, especially if the employee has an accent or is perceived to be foreign born," said Steve Witte of United Farm Workers

For more information, Contact: Marco Mejia, American Friends Service Committee, 503-550-3510
or Eliana Machuca, Portland Jobs with Justice, 503-236-5573

Supported by the Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, including VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project, CAUSA, Jobs with Justice, PCASC, AFSC, SEIU Local 503, SEIU Local 49, AFSCME Council 75, Latino Network, Oregon Farm Worker Ministry, Center for Intercultural Organizing, PCUN, Hermandad Mexicana, Social Activist Youth, Escuela de Lideres "Magdalena Mora," Jefferson Center; in conjunction with national calls to action by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and the We Are America Alliance.

homepage: homepage: http://www.LILC.org

Correction 11.Oct.2007 20:29


The "more info" web site is www.nilc.org - National Immigration Law Center

Video Clip of Rally on Public Access 12.Oct.2007 16:48

Jim Lockhart jglockhart@comcast.net

On "A Growing Concern" this evening, Friday, October 12, 2007, I'll be playing a 10 minute clip of this rally. The clip will include some of the speakers addressing the issue at hand.

Also, I'll be playing a 10 minute clip of the S29 Portland peace March and Rally.

Following these will be some guests speaking about an attempt to put a big box into the neighborhood on NE 82nd, across from Madison High School.