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11 Huge Regional Protests? Seattle?? Radicals??

I am wondering if anyone will attend this from here?
Or more importantly, I was wondering if the more radical Portland community was planning on going? If not I will probably not attend it. I am personally tired of parades. But that is just me and I only speak for myself. If others planned on going to spice things up, then im down. Let me know.

Buses available 11.Oct.2007 09:26


There are indeed people from Portland going up--the PDX Peace Coalition is sending several buses up, $20 youth/low income $35 normal for a seat. You can get more info on the pdxpeace.org website. I know that PDXPeace may be less radical than you're looking for, but hey, a ride is a ride...

Radical 11.Oct.2007 09:58


While I encourage folks to attend this, I would expect that there would not be much space for any "radical" action. Protests in Seattle tend to be even tamer than Portland stuff, more tightly controlled by cops, and generally less exciting. This is just my experience, so I certainly could be wrong. Also, this thing is sure to be fully permitted, and I would expect any deviation from the plan would be frowned upon by the cops and the organizers.

Some day soon, I hope that we have a stronger, more diverse movement.

YOU have to help make the movement !!!! 11.Oct.2007 12:38


radicals of all shades have a duty to be at these rallies. How do you think people become radicalized????? They talk to other radicals; they attend massive rallies and see passionate people; they read 'radical' literature: in short, they hear and see things they've never seen before.

no more yawning, pretentiousness, or excuse making please. Go to the rally and bring your drum.

From Seattle 11.Oct.2007 21:29


Well said, Pete.

But go to the rally and bring your drum... and your signs, banners, leaflets, and ideas about how to further politically develop the movement.

Also check out the leaflet at  http://www.seattleaic.org/files/saic_04october2007.pdf, and march with the anti-imperialist contingent!

change with the times 12.Oct.2007 08:19

theresa mitchell

I'm writing between pitch breaks at KBOO. Community radio is realizing that it is becoming antiquated, and is therefore expanding into community multimedia/cybermedia. In this way we will serve the community even better than before.

Likewise with mass marches: they have to change. Cybermedia support should be organized in advanced and supercharged. Live streaming of the action would both increase the participation and dampen the cop action. Twenty people in ten locations looks better on webcam than two hundred in one location, and if fucks up cop suppression. And doubtless there are a hundred better ideas; but in any event we can count on the MSM ignoring most events and discounting the huge ones.

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