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Oh how happy I am!

:::: this will make a part of you dance with delight and another part of you squirm: Hint? Stay with the questions ::::::::

Oh! How happy I am!

No more thrashing
And bashing about.

Jumping and leaping.


Having finally succeeded
In throwing this useless
Brain in the trash.

Ecstasy !

To know nothing
Is to be everything.

In this space
The Wise Heart has already
Flung all the doors open.
All that was once hidden
Is as a freshly woven tapestry
Hanging brightly in the sun.

Not some exclusive club.
All are welcome here.
Membership is free.
Simply toss your brain
In the container provided.
(you really won't miss it)

Will you walk through the open door?

..... 11.Oct.2007 10:43

Ben Waiting

Smile there is a war going on

Extreme joy 11.Oct.2007 18:29


Nothing wrong with a little mania.