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Media Manipulation Caught on Tape.

Whose afraid of a small doctor from texas.
Mega corporate media is....
And now we have a chance to unite all Americans against the corp media.
Please read this through and watch a few links sometime today. There is a giant war going on right now between the corporate controlled media and the free, open, and unfiltered media of the internet. Ron Paul is a republican candidate for President who has built a broad base across the political spectrum. From right wing red state folks to bleeding heart blue liberals, many people have come to see Ron Paul as America's only hope for a solid and stable future. The corporate "mainstream" media has responded by hiding online poll results from viewers, lying about how Ron Paul's supporters are cheating, and even manipulating poll results. They are blowing off the results of 10,000/20,000 person polls in favor of 400 people phone polls. Many of these manipulations by the major networks have been documented on-line and I have included links below. I don't care who wins this election... But if we don't stop this media manipulation now... .while we have a broad base of people who are focused on the issue... we may not have another chance for a long time. Even Dan "voice of the nightly news" Rather has just came out on national TV saying that our democracy won't thrive, let alone survive, due to corporate manipulation in media. The manipulation we are allowing to happen in our own country.
Please spare a second for our future... ... ..WATCH THESE VIDEO'S and send them around. We have to wake each other up NOW!!!

Poll manipulation, bogus slanderous claims, or blowing off the results
Fox News Lies about Ron Paul Polls Numbers
Ron Paul Censored CNN Poll 06-06-07
Ron Paul not even mentioned when results come in - 8-11-07
MSN Caught Manipulating Ron Paul Poll Results
Ron Paul Leads foxnews May 15 2007 Polls
Ron Paul Dominates Online Polls
Ron Paul wins CNN Poll for 3rd GOP Debate

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