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I like animals better than people

It's easy to get caught up in the rush and stress of day-to-day life. Never lose sight of what matters. Never stop fighting for and defending those among us who need help. Animals are at the mercy of mankind. Never stop caring. Look deep into the eyes of these beautiful animals and tell me what you see. How is it even possible for people to deny that they are soulful beings just the same as you or I? We are all one. What we do to them we do to ourselves. People need to wake up and be more conscious of their actions. End animal cruelty and abuse.
One Love - One Voice
One Love - One Voice
These are great videos. Distribute them far and wide.



I will always stand up for the rights of animals. They deserve kindness and justice. I will never stop caring for them because, in this screwed-up (at the hands of mankind) world, they are the only thing that sustains me and gives me hope. They don't deserve the horrors being inflicted upon them. They feel and experience pain and fear just the same as you or I. They need our love, our voice, and our actions to help them. I just wish people would think about what they are doing in the world and the consequence of their actions and inactions. Silence is complicity. I feel as if my heart is breaking most of the time.

Animals don't have the ability to hate or wage war. Mankind is destroying the planet and is the source of all that is toxic to the Earth. Although it's always a struggle and I'm frequently at a breaking point, I always have to try to have faith that people will realize the err of their ways and will eventually change.

For the sake of all that is good in the world, never stop caring for and protecting the animals from the harm of man. All life is connected and is 'one'. Never forget this. What we put out into the world 'energy-wise' will ultimately come back to us. Take a look around you. . . what do you see??? Its obvious people need to redirect their thoughts, and be more mindful of the energy they are putting out into the world if we ever wish to turn things around and take things in a more positive direction. 'We are all the ones we have been waiting for'. All life is connected and is one. What we put out to the world will ultimately come back to us. Respect all life. I love animals from the core of my being and will die defending them. Focus on what is real and what matters in the world and let go of hate, negativity, and illusions which deceive and destroy. Together we can change the world if we collectively wake up, grow up, and start being responsible for our actions and how we are affecting the lives of others and the Earth itself.
Love and Peace

Hope for the future- "Star Dreams" documentary