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Hired Killer Guns Down Wisconsin Town

A local law enforcement employee went on a shooting rampage early Sunday in remote northern Wisconsin, killing at least five people before authorities fatally shot him, officials said.
A dispatcher for the State Patrol who declined to give his full name as a matter of department practice said the suspect is an employee of the Forest County Sheriff's Department and a part-time officer for the Crandon Police Department.

County Supervisor Tom Vollmar said five or six people were dead, and a church official said police reported that seven people were dead. And Gary Bradley, mayor of the city of about 2,000, said Sunday afternoon that the suspect was also dead.

"He was brought down by a sniper," Bradley said.

Crandon Police Chief John Dennee, speaking outside the police department about two blocks from the shooting site, would not confirm details but said: "We're not looking for anybody anymore."

Bud Evans, 46, an elder at Praise Chapel Community Church, which some of the victims attended, said the police chief told people gathered there that seven people were shot and that one person was still alive.

One of the dead was 14-year-old Lindsey Stahl, said her mother, Jenny Stahl, 39.

She said her daughter called her Saturday night and asked whether she could sleep over at a friend's house. Jenny Stahl agreed.

"I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up right now. This is a bad, bad dream," the weeping mother said. "All I heard it was a jealous boyfriend and he went berserk. He took them all out."
The suspect was 20 years old and worked full-time as a Forest County deputy sheriff and part-time as a Crandon police officer, Sheriff Keith Van Cleve said. He would not release the suspect's name but said he was not working at the time of the shooting.

A seventh shooting victim was in critical condition at a hospital in nearby Marshfield, said Police Chief John Dennee. A Crandon police officer who fired back was treated for minor injuries and released.

As long as we allow "our" government to continue hiring cops for their gun totin bravura, we are destined to continue with these kinds of killings by those who are supposed to protect and to serve us.

craziness 07.Oct.2007 18:35


Does it really matter that this guy was a cop? He did an absolutely horrible thing, and I'd bet is certifiably crazy. I don't think him being a cop is what made him do this act. Unfortunately just lost it.

I agree... 07.Oct.2007 19:50


From what I've read, him being a cop, has nothing to do with the shootings.

I disagree 07.Oct.2007 20:16


It has everything to do with his copness. Cops get very early training that they make the laws, and that they get their own way, and that they are allowed to kill without repercussions. To that end, as well as the fact that he was issued the very gun he killed with, yes, being a cop has a lot to do with it. I do agree that people snap who are not cops, but cops are much more prone to resolve differences by force, many times by gun.

"Wake up, Stupid" 08.Oct.2007 07:29

Bee Caws

The residents of this northern Wisconsin community struggled to understand Monday how a sheriff's deputy who killed six young people and critically wounded another could have become a law enforcement officer. In the words of a very wise person, "Wake up!"

Tyler Peterson, 20, was shot to death after opening fire early Sunday on a group of students and recent graduates who had gathered for pizza and movies during their high school's homecoming weekend. Peterson was off-duty from his full-time job as a Forest County deputy sheriff; he also was a part-time Crandon police officer.

David Franz, 36, who lives with his wife two houses from the duplex where the shooting occurred, said it was hard to accept that someone in law enforcement was the gunman.

"The first statement we said to each other was, 'How did he get through the system?'" Franz said. "How do they know somebody's background, especially that young? It is disturbing, to say the least." How, indeed? Because they are hired by the corporation to kill, not to protect and serve, that is how. The culture encourages the hiring of gun nuts.

Sheriff Keith Van Cleve said he would meet with state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on Monday morning to discuss the case.

Crandon Police Chief John Dennee said the investigation would be handled by the state Department of Criminal Investigation because the suspect was a deputy and officer.

OK, here's the deal 08.Oct.2007 07:54


Everybody is correct. Being a cop probably did not cause this rampage, though it may possibly have contributed, who knows? The point is that in this case, because it was so spectacular, and at least five innocents were slaughtered by this maniac, the world is awake, and listening. The doer is now done, and there will no doubt be repercussions for quite a while. In fact, I bet, if the doer had not been killed by one of his own, a GRAND JURY MAY HAVE FOUND CAUSE TO INDICT HIM, even if he could somehow articulate that he feared for his life while he was murdering these people.

Every day in this country somewhere, a cop murders, and gets away with it. Hell, in Portland, they sometimes get a medal for doing so (as in the case of Jose Mejia Poot). They are never accountable for their mayhem or murder. A deputy brags about busting a prisoner's eye socket, a bunch of cops kick a poor helpless man to the curb, then jump on his chest and kill him, and no one is at fault. Two well trained cops taser, then murder, a helpless, naked and burned, injured man, and no one does a thing about it. No public outcry when a grand jury fails to indict. A man is stopped for "driving a car that is too good for the neighborhood," and twenty or so seconds later is murdered, and it is o.k.

Now, no one is saying that what happened in Wisconsin is not a tragedy. What we all seem to miss is that these tragedies are enacted every day on citizens of our country, our community, with no outcry to speak of, because, well, the victim may have somehow "deserved" to be killed, or may be in that margin of society that we can ignore. Well, when it comes to your neighborhood, white guy, maybe then you will see what is happening out here, in the real Amerika.