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The lesser of two evils is still evil

Despite the fact that many on the "left" swore that they would no longer support the Democratic party, just like Pavlov's dog they surrender to the "Sierra club" mentality that says that "compromise" is a political reality that can not be ignored. So it seems that every four years as election day begins to draw near, supposedly outraged liberals and self proclaimed "progressives" begin the slow (but predictable) process of succumbing to the "lesser of two evils" logic as it pertains to their votes.
Certainly reasonable people would agree that compromise is an essential ingredient toward creating politically based solutions in a "representative" democracy, but most informed people understand that we do not have a truly representative form of democracy in the United States. The reality is that many people just refuse to face the fact that "real" compromise in our system is non-existent in the areas that matter most to people and the planet. The word compromise has become nothing more than a buzz term for backroom deals that benefit campaign contributors and the corporate elite at the expense of people and the planet. But as Warren Beatty sarcastically said to a black congregation in a South Central Los Angeles church in the movie "Bullworth", "I can't help you with rebuilding cause you didn't give to my campaign! What are ya gonna do, vote Republican?"

The hard truth is that until enough Americans can be honest enough to admit that we have abandoned anything that could be accurately characterized as democracy in favor of what is actually a corporate oligarchy combined with a "two-wing one-party electoral system" whose very lifeblood is dependent on the masses willingness to settle for the lesser of two evils, we will continue to perpetuate an immoral corrupt suicidal system as we continue to rationalize it with the ever present "lesser of two evils" logic.

We will see the Democratic party take this same approach in 08 for no other reason than because they know they can.
So if you vote for Democrats, it's time to admit they "OWN" you and nothing they do (or fail to do) can cause you to rethink your vote.

They can support imperialistic wars for money and power and control, but that's ok cause they are not as bad!
They can refuse to impeach (or even attempt to sanction) a blatantly corrupt and criminal administration, but that's ok cause they are not as bad!
They can assist in the dismantling of our bill of rights by overwhelmingly supporting the Patriot act (not once but twice), but that's ok cause they are not as bad!
They can refuse to even challenge the blatant election fraud of 2000 and 2004, but that's ok cause they are not as bad!
They can consistently support unjust free trade agreements that hurt workers and our environment and outsource American jobs, but that's ok cause they are not as bad!
They can refuse to initiate a sane energy policy or address global warming in a substantive way, but that's ok cause they are not as bad!

and now.....
They can fool you into voting for them one more time with promises of ending the war once they capture the senate and the house majority only to fail to keep their promise.
But that's ok cause they are not as bad!

Ask yourself how many times you have heard that (or for that matter), how many times you yourself have said it.

We will see this lesser of two evils logic rear it's ugly head again on two important measures here in Oregon (aka Measure 49 and 50).
We can.....Vote for a new tax on poor people for smoking or we don't get health care for kids!
We can.....Vote for new extremely detrimental "transferability rights" to land owners or we get expanded suburban sprawl and massive cookie cutter subdivisions.
What kind of "choices" are those? Why do Americans continue to believe we must settle for these manufactured illusions of choice that are designed to placate them?
The real question should be why do smart people continue to allow fear to dictate their votes?
When did voting for "what" and "who" you actually support become taboo?

So will you will allow well meaning friends and relatives to talk you into doing it again?
I can hear them already!
"I don't like Hillary, but I can't stand the idea of Giuliani!"
As each day passes, I will guarantee that those voices will get louder and louder and more aggressive in nature, weakening your resolve to resist.

Following the stolen election of 2000, the corporate media informed sheeple blamed Ralph Nader for a supposed Bush victory despite the mountain of evidence that clearly showed vote fraud on every imaginable level, despite an illegal and unprecedented supreme court decision, despite the fact that 250,000 Florida Democrats voted for Bush, despite the fact that the Democratic nominee could not win his own state, and despite the fact most people who voted for Nader would not have voted at all had he not been running, the majority of the American "left" blamed Nader. The sad part is that the lie of 2000 still has life and resonates with the "left" because Bush is supposedly "Hitler incarnate".
But if Bush is Hitler incarnate, then the Democratic party can only be characterized as the SS.

State-corporatism, as practiced by Mussolini and Hitler, was the economic aspect of Fascism. What the New Deal termed "saving capitalism from itself" and liberals today call "industrial policy" is just fascist state-corporatism under different names. Pretending that "not as bad" is a reasonable approach to bringing about the substantive change (we all agree is necessary) is not only short sighted, but selfish.

Someone has to have the courage to break the chain.