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WhiteSupremacy Meeting unknown

Rob Manning writes but hasn't found location
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Skinheads Say They're Meeting In Portland, But Won't Say Where
By Rob Manning

Portland, OR October 5, 2007 5 p.m.

White supremacists say they're gathering in Portland this weekend. That got activists to hastily call workshops and organize a rally for Saturday.

The violent white supremacy group, Hammerskin, has announced that its 20th anniversary party will be in Portland this weekend. But the exact location of what's called "Hammerfest 2007" has not been made public.

Jonathan Shields is an organizer of the counter-rally at Lents Park Saturday. He says Hammerfest's appearance demonstrates Portland's racist ties are not all in the past.

Jonathan Shields: "It's just been dormant. The reality is that white supremacist groups have gained membership and that's going to continue to climb, there's no reason to believe otherwise. So if we're not prepared to educate again, and have some organization about how we're going to deal with this stuff as a community, there's a good chance this could snowball, really easily."

Shields says his group wants to create a permanent organization to counter racism in Portland.

Almost 20 years ago, Portland made national headlines with the racially-motivated killing of an Ethiopian immigrant. The murder resulted in a civil judgment against a white supremacist leader from California, Tom Metsger.