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Stop the neocon candidacy of Henhawk Hillary

Peace, women's rights, health, environment,
animal rights and other reasons to stop Clinton,
whose transparent sheep's clothing reveals wolf fur
Stop the neocon candidacy of Henhawk Hillary


Henhawk Hillary's sheep's clothing reveals wolf fur underneath

Henhawk Hillary Clinton who has said if elected she would continue
combat missions in Iraq
made an uncovered statement when she voted to authorize the violent illegal
and bankrupting Iraq war. She voted
for every subsequent appropriation
until this year when she saw that
her bloodshed votes might harm
her candidacy.

She said "Having been in the White House, I know that Saddam Hussein
has weapons of mass destruction."

Clinton was one of over 75 senators to
promote Lieberman's pro Iran War resolution.

She said 'nothing is off the table'
in regards to the use of nuclear
weapons against the people of Iran.

She also said "I support my husband's
bombing of Yugoslavia" (said VNB)


How many women
and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan
have been killed by bombs for which
she voted? How many American
women soldiers have been killed?
How many American women are

How many women have gotten
breast cancer because of the
animal agriculture female hormone
policies supported by Clinton?



Clinton was booed at the AFL CIO
convention because of her unionbusting
votes and other antilabor policies.


Clinton was formerly a Walmart board member,
who made 100,000 dollars betting on cattle futures
(they have no future) in insider trading, who
helped Don Tyson become the world's biggest butcher
of cows, pigs and chickens as he furthered the pollution and cruelty
of factory farms. She has endorsed the brutal projects of Heifer International,
a company which sends baby animals
overseas to slavery and slaughter,
with consequent increase of
global heating, disease,and energy waste.


Clinton has held fundraisers to introduce
armsmongers to Capitol Hill operatives.

The investment portfolio she was forced to sell or put in a blind trust
while campaigning was full of
war profiteer and environmentally destructive stock.


She has never spoken up about her
alma mater's investment in
mercenary corporations invested
in continuing the war. She
has been silent about Yale's
crucifixion of primates and other


Hillary Clinton fainted during a speech in
She is not a lean machine like Edwards
and Kucinich. Every extra pound on
a frame limits dynamic function.


She has high negatives, and would
pull down Senate and House Democrat


She has hired private detectives to
intimidate women with whom Bill
Clinton has had affairs. Would you want someone willing
to do that controlling FBI and other Justice Dept files?


It was Bill Clinton who acted to give Rupert Murdoch,
Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner, Mark Mays
and other neocons as much as 39% each of publicly owned airwaves
in violation of the original FCC charter.

(Kucinich is now ahead of Dodd and Biden in
New Hampshire says Zogby Poll.
Whether you decide to vote for Kucinich,
Edwards, Paul... please work to
stop the neocon candidacy of Hillary

It was shortly after Don Imus called Hillary 'that
horrid woman' that he was removed from GE's MSNBC
and Sumner Redstone's CBS.
He was replaced by a former Republican congressman,
Joe Scarborough.

Neocon PR firms calling themselves
pollsters (such as Disney owned ABC
polls, Meyer owned Washington Post
polls, GE owned NBC polls)
promote her candidacy by
falsifying numbers while neocon
tv and radio ignore the campaign of
John Edwards who is tied or ahead
of Clinton and Obama in Iowa.

Clinton is connected to the same Kissinger Associates network
which had L Paul Bremer appointed to
1. hire Blackwater as his security guards
2. issue an illegal order that they were exempt from lawsuit
3. issue an order forbidding Iraqi farmers from saving their own seeds.. they, said Bremer, must buy from Monsanto or other
neocon corporations
4. Bremer cancelled free Iraqi health care
5. Bremer immediately cancelled the nickel a gallon gas
which the people of Iraq paid for their publicly owned gas

homepage: homepage: http://kucinich.us

Unfair to Heifer International 05.Oct.2007 10:04

Lazy Faire

Your points, which are, for the most part, conscientious, truthful and relevant to the legitimate attack on Clinton, are undercut by your malicious and incorrect portrayal of Heifer International.

It is deceptive to just call HI a "company", when it is, in fact, a nonprofit charity.

It rarely "sends baby animals overseas"; it usually purchases the animals from local sources as a way to support the sustainability of local economies.

The issue of vegetarianism versus the social practice of including meat (as well milk and eggs) in diets is relevant, and is certainly an important long-term issue that we must continually raise. However, you are not raising the issue in a pragmatic or balanced manner. The immediate needs of poor people for protein in their diet outweighs, for me, my concern for the animals that are eaten. You can reasonably disagree; it is always better to choose not to kill if it is feasible. But I assert that you need to study the actual specific case of the community involved before jumping to any absolute conclusions.

Your mention of "factory farms" is highly deceptive. The community development supported by HI represents the exact opposite of the corporate exploitation and environmental devastation brought on by factory farming. It should be pointed out that all of modern agriculture is suspect, and the factory farming of monoculture plants can be just as environmentally destructive as that of animals.

Finally, though I agree the cultivation of meat animals is in general something that must be reduced in any new agriculture policies, and possibly something that should eventually be eliminated entirely, we need to begin solving our problems by helping those most in need. The very closeness of people to their animals and plants is going to encourage a more caring social environment. Regarding environmental impact, consider this example - Cuba is returning its agriculture to cultivation and fertilization by animals, rather than by machine and chemicals. Certainly there is the problem that the draft animals are being exploited. But the natural environment and the nutrition of the people are being improved. This is a pragmatic gain.

Can you say "slave ship"? 05.Oct.2007 14:49


some countries don't allow the transport of live animals. Conditions are inhumane for any living creature.