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Sgt. Frank Wuterich gets away with Murder

Sgt. Frank Wuterich masterminds the attacks on 24 iraqis, including three women, seven children and several elderly men in Haditha on November 2005 and is now being dismissed and having his conviction lessened.
An investigating officer has said no murder charges should be brought against a US marine accused of leading a massacre of Iraqi civilians

Sgt. Frank Wuterich was accused of being the ring leader in the November 2005 Haditha Killings where 24 iraqis were killed. Lt Col Paul Ware decided it was a better idea to lessen Wuterich's case to negligible homicide. and leaving it to Gen. James Mathis who has already dismissed charges on other 4 marines involved in the murders. Lt. Col Ware also recommended dismissing the false official statement made by Wuthier after the incident.
They are accused of killing 24 iraqis which include three women, 7 children and several elder men. As for justice being made for the despicable murder upon these innocent iraqis is going out the door with them.

It is expected that all marines involved in this incident will be let go free and dismissed.

in other news, Blackwater is also continuing to service private contractors after being accused of killings several iraqis in their hasty maneuvers.

The same people that are committing crimes against humanity are putting these murderers through "mock" trials. It's like the Nazis trying their men for killing jews. of course they are being let go. right?

let's not forget that one of the soldiers had a telephone camera picture of the victims kneeling before they shot them.

American Soldiers are committing a genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan. when are we going to stop this?