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Schumacher Furs case completely dismissed in court

In case folks haven't followed this, on September 20 the final protester was completely dismissed from the Schumacher Furs federal civil case.

In Defense of Animals, PETA, and ALF (!) were formerly dismissed. Now all protesters have been dismissed, and the case is officially over (except the motions to have Schumacher Furs pay the activist groups' legal fees). The Schumachers sense of persecution now extends to the federal Bush-appointed judge who threw out the case for lack of merit (there's fortunately still a little bit of justice left in the USA).

People who think protesting doesn't work, think again: Schumacher Furs is closed and gone.

To understand why activists felt so strongly as to consistently and energetically protest the hell hole called Schumacher Furs, see  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org

Old protest reports can be found on this site.
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