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Schumacher Furs case completely dismissed in court

In case folks haven't followed this, on September 20 the final protester was completely dismissed from the Schumacher Furs federal civil case.
In Defense of Animals, PETA, and ALF (!) were formerly dismissed. Now all protesters have been dismissed, and the case is officially over (except the motions to have Schumacher Furs pay the activist groups' legal fees). The Schumachers sense of persecution now extends to the federal Bush-appointed judge who threw out the case for lack of merit (there's fortunately still a little bit of justice left in the USA).

People who think protesting doesn't work, think again: Schumacher Furs is closed and gone.

To understand why activists felt so strongly as to consistently and energetically protest the hell hole called Schumacher Furs, see  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org

Old protest reports can be found on this site.

Thank You 03.Oct.2007 18:30

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thanks to all the activists who stayed with this & saw it thru. Constancy works.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 03.Oct.2007 21:03


Congratulations to everyone who participated. This is a great victory. For a time, even calling it a victory and seeming pleased could have put us in legal jeopardy. I just think this calls for something special--examining the techniques, looking a what worked and what didn't, and upholding this model for other demonstrators trying to achieve a goal.

Fortunately, the SLAP law--I've forgotten what it stands for; I call it the silly lawsuit law--does protect us. And fortunately, the Schumakers were real idiots who did everything wrong and antagonized anyone who could help them. The city gave them great advice--and I'm glad they didn't take it.

I KNEW IT! 07.Oct.2007 16:02

Collin S. Ferguson

I knew this would work and I am so happy it did. Before the fur shop closed, I stopped by to talk with the protesters a little, and told them to remember that "In Oregon, it is not freedom of 'Speech', it is freedom of 'Expression'". And, because of our rights to "express" ourselves there is not way our state court would say no to the protesters.

Are there any other businesses that need to go?