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Notable Scientific Failures

The practice of science is not genius, it is insanity.
Scientists are responsible for such things as nuclear weapons, chemical
based medicine, and many other so-called progressive advances.
Scientists around the world, particularly in western nations, are responsible for "marvels" -- like
DNA research, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, a few among the plethora of other chemicals,
machines, etc.
The practice of science originated in Europe, and western societies (and other govt's) are not
"progressive" -- they are degressive.
In their arrogance, western scientists have recently "discovered" global warming, pollution, etc.,
they are now sharing their wizdum with the masses of their respective nations.
Like everything else, they have stolen the words of Indigenous peoples around the world, who have
been telling the master race about their rampant destruction long before scientists "discovered the
'phenomenon'" of environmental destruction, and the resulting global warming.

A new book by author Alex Boese, "Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments", reveals the
research and experimentation of scientists -- such as psyched pachyderms on acid. In this experiment,
scientists injected an elephant with a dose of LSD about 3,000 times stronger than what people would
take....and which killed the unwilling participant.
You won't want to miss other scientific experiments, such as two-headed dogs, the human-ape hybrid,
the Stanford Prison experiment, the vomit-drinking doctor, "beneficial" brainwashing experiments,
the remote-control bull experiment, the experiment of electrifying the corpses of people, shocking
puppies, the experiment of sexually stimulating male turkeys.........................

You can check out these oddities, and others at  http://www.MuseumOfHoaxes.com

"Museum of Hoaxes"... 30.Sep.2007 10:54


"we post about dubious-sounding claims and whatever else strikes our fancy"
Next you'll be telling me "The Onion" is a credible news source.

Total Absurdity 01.Oct.2007 10:10

Den Mark, Vancouver

It is obnoxious & absurd to blaim Science for human stupidity & selfishness. Science is "simply" a way of learning truth, & i dare say that indigenous people have used Science for millennia. How else would they know what they know. When indigenous people use certain herbs for cures, for example, they do so because of discoveries of their ancestors, Scientific discoveries of their ancestors. It curdles my blood when some people misuse the word, "Science". Science is curious & so explores, & does so intelligently & bravely. Science does not care whether its discoveries are even useful. Maybe what the o.p.'s author really means to attack is technology. Technology uses what Science discovers.

For me, Science is the highest form of thinking & the greatest hope for the planet & the most beautiful adventure of all. Onward, out of the dark caves, & into the light!