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TOPOFF needs Volunteers

Wanna participate in TOPOFF? Here's your chance to get up close and personal with Big Brother...
TOPOFF planners are recruiting volunteers that are so important to
properly exercising emergency responders during this preparedness
exercise. Over 2,000 volunteers are needed!!! They have just over

Attached are 2 versions of the same flyer recruiting volunteer Actor
Patients for the Medical Care Point exercise part of TOPOFF on Wed
morning, Oct 17th. This is less than a three hour volunteer commitment
at a civilized time, requires no background checks, and is in a dry,
clean facility on a beautiful college campus... perfect for the 'casual

There is a website for recruiting the more 'hardcore, extreme
volunteers'  http://t4volunteers.com/ that are needed for the main TOPOFF
venue on October 16th at Portland International Raceway. These
volunteers require background checks, start very early in the morning,
lay outside waiting to be rescued, treated, and transported to a local
hospital emergency room --- this might be a 12 hour day. They get the
same T-shirt as the recreational volunteer at the Medical Care Point.
But they exude the inner glow of knowing that they are tough and

For questions or to register contact:
June Vining, Volunteer Coordinator
Portland Bureau of Fire and Rescue
Office 503.823.3937; Cell 971.563.9641

Please share this email with your organization, with family, with
friends. Perhaps print out the attachments and spread hand out flyers
to likely prospects.

Yeah, sure 30.Sep.2007 08:45


>These volunteers require background checks

Why? To verify that they are "patriotic" Americans?

Yeah, sure.
Volunteering to update the fed's database.

Frankly, as a potential "volunteer",
I'd want to see FULL background checks on
the Feds to insure MY safety.