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International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 6

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communiqué # 6 (Regarding The Manifold Ways In Which ICE Can Be Fought)

Countless nights have been spent gazing into the Seeing Stones. Many things have been seen inside those murky depths. Everything in there is Black. The future holds much darkness for everyone. We see it spreading already, outside our very doors; the barbed wire fences stretching for miles, the animals in the desert prowling at night for someone to kill, the camps nestled in our backyards, the camps where people hold tightly onto their friends as they slowly die, the camps holding mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers away from each other.

The largest branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE agents have walked through malls, guns in their hands, and searched for people who looked "illegal". ICE agents have pulled mothers away from their crying children. ICE agents truly believe that the people they detain have no human rights. Because of this someone just died in a detention facility. They died because they did not get their medication. They died in a cage, surrounded by a powerful apparatus that did not view them as human.

Many people simply do not know of ICE's existence. The raids and the terror do not directly affect them. Some people ignore what ICE is doing. Some people are forced into ignorance by the system's control of information. Regardless of all that, the raids continue with ICE growing all the more brazen in its efforts. The question is: How do we wake people up? How do we spread knowledge of what is transpiring all around us?

The first problem is that no one is hearing about ICE's activities. The second problem is that when people finally do hear about a raid it is from the government's media and paints ICE as an entity that still has a few kinks to work out. The third problem is that when people hear about a raid from someone they are close with they usually have no idea what they could actually do about it.

First problem: A good way to expose ICE to the general public (in the opinion of the IAC) is to disturb or otherwise warp the every day lives of the good citizens of the US. This can be done with fliers, graffiti, wheat paste, flash mobs, and wands. If enough witches and wizards are present around an ICE office or other building, passersby might wonder what all those people are doing. Every action on the part of ICE should be met with audible and visible outrage against them. The only way to break the spell cast on everyone is to break it. If we want to have any hope in revealing reality to those blinded to it, our efforts have to be relentless.

Second problem: The cheap monsters employed by the government's media might mention the raids now and again but it is always within THEIR discourse. Those who seriously tune into CNN tend to believe what CNN tells them. All of the news on television is presented in such a way as to make the viewer feel a sense of inevitability. The news rolls on and on, one story and then another. All seeming to be graspable, digestible, contained. Reality on the television is a controlled reality where everything is taken care of in advance. Those watching this reality can do no more than sit in their chairs and watch the machine run its course. We need to use all of our powers to bring reality back to those under our enemies spells. Reality must meet them outside of their doors. It must be what they step into, not out of. If people are late to work because some witches and wizards, pissed off about something called ICE, were romping down the street, reality has met up with them. If people learn that the building next door with broken windows is connected with ICE, reality has met up with them. The reality painted on CNN will begin to look out of focus if there are disturbances on the street and none on the screen. Remember, it is their media. The only thing we can hope to do is feed their spectacle with images. We can never break anyone out through the government's media. We have to do that with our wands.

Third problem: When people finally have broken the last of our enemies spells there should be something they can do about it. Many people are not aware of their own abilities and strengths. These things have been made to seem unimportant in this capitalist nightmare. But if people were encouraged to use their gifts in any manner they chose to, they would find themselves capable of many new things. No one should be forced to join a group or formal organization just because they appear to be the only options for resistance. Resistance should be constant, diverse and cooperative. Everyone is capable of resistance. Our magic should be falling on our enemies from every direction. When everyone understands that every single day that passes is a chance to fight against the dark forces that fill their minds with shadows, the earth will shake and spew fire.

A world of fences and cages is the world the government wants. They want every human being within the borders of the US to be subservient to their plans. We are all supposed to serve very specific roles in their economy. When we do not, when we grow uncontrollable, we are put back in place. Or at least they try and put us back in place. They can never control all of us, though, no matter how thorough they are. We care as little for their plans as we do for them. We will not listen to them. They do not value human life above their dollar or their law.

Nothing about this country is going to get better for a while. The US is quickly disintegrating and shifting into overt Fascism. But with this shift we must expand the resistance or face the darkness we have all glimpsed in our Seeing Stones. They must be opposed whenever possible because they will not stop. The busses keep arriving in the detention centers and the raids continue. The land is destroyed by the capitalists, creating millions of refugees who then flock to the centers of global capitalism where they are attacked once again. They have no hesitation in what they are doing and will continue on their death march, hoping to take us all with them. If we do not wish to join them in the hell they have created for themselves we need to be constantly in motion.

Goodnight, comrades. Remember that we will get through the dark times. They do not understand the magic which is all around them. They have their guns. And we have our wands.

Affectionately yours,

The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

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I Dont Get It 30.Sep.2007 09:54


I agree with virtually all the points presented, but WTF is up with the "witches and wizards" and "Seeing Stones" ??? I have known serious anarchists probably long before you were born...knew Weather Undergropund types in the 70s, and never heard any Dungeons and Dragons nonsense or heard anyone call themselves a witch or talk about their magic wands. I think you invalidate yourself to many people, including REAL anarchists by all the goofy magic crap. Do you really believe that you are witches and wizards ? Do you really have magic wands ?? Do you want to be taken seriously ?

fake anarchists vs. real anarchists 30.Sep.2007 14:39

No sence of humor

Yeah you better listen to the REAL anarchists such as Hambone. Having a sense of humor is so petty bourgeois. Using creative metaphores is so counter-revolutionary. You should stick to mono-toned, dry rhetoric from the 18th century.