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giuliani Slithering In

rudy giuliani will visit NW Portland today.
rudy giuliani will visit NW Portland today, & it would be sad for him to not be greeted. Supposedly he'll be at Rose's at 838 NW 23rd at about 2:00. Maybe a few of us can leave today's other actions for a while in order to make rudy feel wecome. His arrival has to be along 23rd. How else.

An excellent showing to greet coward Julianni!! 29.Sep.2007 16:42


He didn't arrive until about 2:15p, but by that time there were about 20 protesters and many interested passersby, with signs and doing chants, to greet him. There were Ron Paul people, 911 Truth people, and Impeachment people. The police were all over the place, and only 10 minutes before forcibly escorted a patron out of the restaurant because he had a jacket that read on its back, "Explosives brought down the World Trade Center," or something like that. People were pretty raucous and the cops were cool, outside. We were even working the traffic for honks and there were many loud whistles and hoots and hollers, as well. There were many media types, filming but not interviewing, apparently. Should be some interesting news this eve.

He was inside for only about a half hour, and he snuck out the back door...earning him the fitting nickname, "Backdoor Rudy". Across 23rd Ave., it looked like a couple of dozen people were assembled to watch the goings on. A recurring chant was "Giulianni...Worse than Bush!"

Sorry for the incomplete reporting, but hopefully someone will add other information. Hopefully some of the participants who were shooting some video will share that with IM.

We were on lookout for Rudy in drag... 30.Sep.2007 12:09


Before Rudy arrived at Rose's yesterday, the thought hit me that he might try to elude the awaiting throng by going incognito...ya know...as he has been known to do, or like doing...in drag. We were on the lookout for this beauty...