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Where is the Gold USA ??

united states of america must answer where is the free and cleargold g.w. bush and asskissers
Ask Bush where is usa gold, make him prove it?? --- WANTED for LAND-OPTIONS-SALES-DEVELOPMENTS The Kingdom of EnenKio - Government Bond Program - The EnenKio Gold Bond Program Overview The Kingdom of EnenKio has implemented distribution of government development bonds, as bearer's instruments in friendly nations, backed by gold reserves, guarantees, real property or other assets. Use of bond capital, US$200 million per atoll, is to begin developing each of 5 King's atolls in the Marshall Islands, by way of joint ventures with the Remios Hermios Eleemosynary Trust (RHET), which will provide free or subsidized services to both residents and consumers, as briefly outlined below: Atoll Infrastructure Land ? Atolls to be developed are subdivided into wetos or segments radiating from a central point in the lagoon and further into plots. Each plot sold or leased is delivered with title and title insurance. Landowners receive proportional compensation for use of land developed within their weto. (Based on 10, 000 units) Systems - All systems will employ affordable innovative technologies for simplicity, environmental sustainability and efficiency. The utmost care is exercised to preserve the current pristine nature of the landscape. Building systems shall make use of custom prefab wall systems, recycled materials and coconut lumber laminates made on site. Water retrieval involves numerous drilled wells and pumps linked on all islands to a circular underground distribution and processing system. Sewage systems are buried in the lagoon, have access to every island and terminate in 4 deep ocean out falls. Selective management on the basis of ocean currents and tides controls discharge of residue. Treatment is minimal accomplished primarily at points of origination using 'dry' toilets and subsequent pulverization. Gray water is treated and used in agriculture. Power systems incorporate electricity, cable and phone lines bundled and accessible to every island. (Based on 20, 000 units) Transportation ?100 electric trucks mobilize land transport without a fee. Both high-speed surface watercraft and amphibian Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft are employed for passengers and cargo, larger craft serve inter-atoll and international needs. 5 ocean tugs and barges provide service and support, such as container off-loading and towing duties. Medical ? Professional services, remedial care, emergency medical services, paramedic training and search and rescue are provided by 5 hospital ships and 5 air ambulances (VTOL aircraft). Projects Floating Hotel ? A turnkey 200-suite hotel ('Embassy Suites' quality) is moored in the lagoon of the atoll where the King resides. Services include restaurants, casino, ballrooms, shopping and craft shops. The lower level provides for parking, storage, mechanical and maintenance spaces. A dock system accommodating 200 boats and yachts to 100 feet is attached. Visiting yachts receive use of an electric car, power, TV, phone cable and security for a respectable well-below-market price. The whole structure rides on the tides. Fishing Fleet ? A fleet of 100 fishing boats will offload their catch at 5 shore-based processing plants, each with a different end product. Fuel Oil Production ? 25 portable copra gins will produce oils, fuels and other products for consumption, power, filtration and storage, such as barrels, using existing natural raw materials. Coconut Lumber ? 25 semi-portable mills will produce laminate lumber, chips and wood for construction. Harvesting older non-productive trees will require planting new-variety coconut trees on a one-for-one basis. Docks ? An average of 20 floating dock systems will be placed in each of 5 lagoons., residential or business units may be attached to dock for access to land and water transports. These dock systems form central distribution points for services and are linked by intra-atoll electric transports. 5 municipal centers will facilitate access to administrative services and provide chambers for local council meetings. Communications ? Wherever power is supplied, cable and lines will permit electronic data and voice access to the global community. A satellite telecommunications station for each of 5 atolls will provide around-the-clock connectivity. Bond Sample Disclaimer and Notice to Bearer (printed on the reverse face of bonds) This instrument is issued under authority of the Executive Council, by Royal Commission, Government of the Kingdom of EnenKio. Bearer, by lawful possession, agrees to and accepts all conditions, risks, provisions and terms, whether expressed or implied, that apply to acquisition, possession and redemption hereof. Bearer is advised that laws of the country in which bearer takes or negotiates possession hereof may apply to this instrument or to any subsequent transaction herewith, such laws of any said country, whether expressed or implied, shall not subject issuer to its jurisdiction thereby. All lawful exchanges hereof are considered by issuer to be 'offshore transactions', as such term is generally understood in the international marketplace. Issuer does not warrant merchantability or market value hereof. Issuer does not insure this instrument or indemnify bearer hereof. Issuer keeps no record respecting identity of original purchaser. Bearer is advised to take every appropriate action necessary to protect or safeguard this instrument. Bearer is further advised that, respecting this printed instrument, the (1) actual value is negligible, (2) market value is not set or determined by issuer and may fluctuate without notice, (3) face (par) value is set as a fixed denomination of the prescribed precious metal bullion, in the measure inscribed, whereupon bearer assumes all risk as to trading or merchantable value, if any. Other conditions or terms may apply hereto without notice, bearer hereby acknowledges the responsibility to contact issuer for the most current information respecting obligations and duties of issuer, any authorized distributor or trustee of this instrument or the particulars of any program or project for which proceeds of this issue are designated. Interest ? the nominal yield of this zero-coupon instrument is fixed at TEN PERCENT per annum, non-prorated, compounded and computed upon face (par) value. The Periodic Net Value (PNV) is determined only at each respective anniversary date subsequent to date of issuance affixed hereto. The chart below shows computed yield of Periodic Net Value per 100 units of par value. Each calculation of interest is rounded to TWO decimal places prior to compounding any subsequent anniversary PNV. Year Interest Rate ( ) Interest per 100 units Periodic Net Value 1 10.0 10.00 110.00 2 10.0 11.00 121.00 3 10.0 12.10 133.10 4 10.0 13.31 146.41 5 10.0 14.64 161.05 Calculations: Compounded Par Value (CPV) is determined by multiplying the product of par value divided by 100, times Periodic Net Value. To find actual value, use the formula CPV x gold (Au) price. For example, if bond's par value is 300 Troy oz. gold, CPV (year 4) is 3 x 146.41 = 439.23 Troy oz. gold. Additional Terms of Indenture This instrument matures and becomes fully redeemable by issuer at a place to be designated thereby on the FIFTH anniversary date subsequent to date of issuance affixed hereto, which date is permanently inscribed in the space provided below. No redemption prior to that date is authorized by issuer and NO interest shall be payable by issuer at any time prior to the FIFTH anniversary date hereof. Interest shall continue to accrue in the manner described above until redemption by bearer or until issuer calls for redemption of all outstanding instruments issued in the series. Bearer, by possession hereof, accepts all and full responsibility to contact issuer or obtain the most current information from issuer, or authorized agent thereof, respecting redemption policies, schedules and locations. Bearer upon redemption must surrender this instrument in marketable condition and is entitled to be paid, in units of any internationally traded currency of choice or in precious metal bullion, in the amount of Compounded Par Value, less applicable exchange fees. Payment of interest is not prorated over any interval between anniversary dates, only the accrued amount, calculated as of the anniversary date immediately prior to redemption shall be the Redemption Value upon which payment is computed. Additional terms or conditions may become applicable during the term to enhance the value hereof, however, bearer is advised that this instrument, at issuance, is not rated. Also see: National Liberation Program (HAWAII ENENKIO NATION KINGDOMS) Date: Fri, Nov 28, 2003, 7:25pm KingsTrust@msn.com Joint Venture partners for .ok ENENKIO-and .hi HAWAII KINGDOMS DOMAIN SALES.STAMPS.TREASURY NOTES and other WORLD WIDE ITEMS. 1 808 944 3088 enenkio2@msn.com --- Welcome to the EnenKio Online Network These pages, this website, the former web host (NetNation), the government of the Kingdom of EnenKio and the people loyal to the king of Eneen-Kio Atoll have been subjected to a wide assortment of deliberate disruptive actions by persons and agencies of the federal government of the United States. These attacks continue to this day. The reasons for these attacks are unknown, as EnenKio seeks only peace and the freedom to express the fundamental rights of the people of EnenKio, its monarch and the imperatives bestowed upon us by our loving Creator. This site has been restored to acquaint you with history, claims and challenges we face as a people striving for equality in a world of antagonistic nations with egocentric goals seeking to 'save' (dominate) lesser nations. RobertMoore270@msn.com EnenKio2@msn.com kingstrust@msn.com Respond to this message DOMOCO6@msn.comv Date: Friday, September 21, 2007 11:58 PM 

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From: Robert Moore
Date: Monday, January 21, 2008 9:25 AM

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Posted on 08 Dec 2007 at 9:25 pm by Robert Moore
- EnenKio Documents -

Current Documents

THE VISION for the Kingdom of EnenKio
QUEST for NATIONAL IDENTITY: Link to the book & order information (Royal EnenKio Press)
IDL APPLICATION (International Drivers License)
DOCUMENT WORKSHEET for ID badge & misc. documents (not for passports)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Information Statement
Foreign Service Corps - Information Statement
Representing EnenKio - FAQs

EnenKio Document Archives

1987 Special Power of Attorney & Appointment of Minister Plenipotentiary by Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios. This document formed the basis of declaring EnenKio as a free sovereign entity.
1987 Certificate of Ownership by President of Republic of the Marshall Islands. Amata Kabua confirms that Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios is owner of 10 atolls in the Marshall Islands.
1987 Certificate of Ownership by Minister of Finance of Republic of the Marshall Islands. Kunio Lemari confirms that Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios is owner of 10 atolls in the Marshall Islands.
1993-4 U.S. Air Force wants to give Wake Island back: 2 Honolulu newspaper articles reveal the USAF wants to give up Wake because it no longer has any need of it for military purposes.
1994 U.S. Air Force Wake Island Guidebook: Reveals the fact that the US uses workers from Thailand instead of Marshallese native workers.
1994 U.S. Army Announcement of rocket tests at Wake Island: Ballistic Missile Defense Org. now proposes to expand the Theater Missile Defense program to Wake Island. EnenKio Reply follows.
1994 RESOLUTION establishing independence of "Enen-Kio Atoll". The spelling was later changed to EnenKio to differentiate the state entity from the land - Eneen-Kio Atoll. This notice was sent to the United States and President Clinton in an attempt to gain the return of the atoll.
1994 CONSTITUTION of EnenKio
1994 DECLARATION of SOVEREIGNTY by the People of EnenKio

1994 Affidavit of Fair Notice, Declaration of Commercial Value & Demand for Payment. This document set forth the claim of ownership, value for occupation of the islands and demand for payment. An invoice is sent monthly to the U.S. Department of Interior.
1994 Published News Release re: Affidavit & Declarations above
1995 Published Newspaper Article & EnenKio Response: Marshall Islands Journal
1995 Published Magazine Article & EnenKio Response: Islands Business Pacific
Current Month's INVOICE sent to the United States.
1994 Special Request for Protection and Assistance from UN Security Council. No reply or other acknowledgment of any kind was received from the UN.
1995 BANKING ACT of EnenKio
1995 MARITIME ACT of EnenKio
1995 Affidavits of Publication: Legal notices to U.S. of filing documents in public record.
1995 UCC 1: filed in United States District Court District of Hawaii.
1995 UCC 1: filed in State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.
1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: Royal Court of Justice of EnenKio - A suit to collect from the U.S. for seizure of the islands on the basis of default. The U.S. never answered or acknowledged certified and legal notices regarding the claims of ownership & demand for payment.
1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: Royal Court of Justice of EnenKio - A Judgment & Order was obtained against the U.S. for non-payment and for defaulting under international law.
1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: U.S. District Court Motion to Domesticate the RCJ Judgment in Hawaii and allow EnenKio to collect on assets of the U.S. in the U.S.A.
1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Motion of Hearing to Domesticate, filed due to lack of response from the court on hearing the motion.
1996 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Order to Show Cause by Judge Ezra
1996 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Withdrawal and Dismissal by Plaintiff. Under Rule 41 (FRCP), the default is perfected due in part to the U.S. not responding to the motion.
1997 A Declaration: a virtual 'state of war' is present over EnenKio by reason of hostile acts by United States. (See Archives for related official comments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)
Marshall Islands Journal Article & EnenKio Response
1998 LEGAL OPINION: On Economic Citizenship & Issuance of Passports by EnenKio
1998 Marshall Islands Journal Article: "Scams Slammed" & EnenKio Response: The response is self-explanatory, but this attack on EnenKio is really a veiled unprovoked attack on the King, who happens to be owner of the largest amount of land in the Marshall Islands (1/4 of the total area).
1998 Pacific Magazine Article: "Marshalls ... Decries Fraudulent Claims" & EnenKio Response: This article is penned by the same person as the MIJ article above and restates the same false story.
1999 UCC 2: filed in State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.

Foreign Documents & Links

TREATIES with other nations
Recognition Letter by the Government of the Country of Oceanus
Link to: United Nations Charter - This link is for your convenience because it is the position of the government of EnenKio that the portions of the Charter respecting relations among the states and human rights issues apply equally to the U.S.. and EnenKio irrespective of whether the state is "recognized." Yet, the U.S. refuses to comply with those international fundamental principles.
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations - This link is also for your convenience because, while EnenKio has acceded to this treaty, the UN and U.S. refuse to acknowledge EnenKio as a sovereign state entitled to privileges and immunities as prescribed, under this treaty, which has its foundation in the law of Nations & universal International Law.
Vienna Convention ...  RobertMoore270@msn.com

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Posted on 21 Dec 2007 at 5:33 pm by ROBERT MOORE

From: Robert Moore
Subject: America Truth HAWAI'I SHAME
Date: Monday, December 17, 2007 5:42 PM


Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 4:24 PM

we would like to discuss this.

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