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Seeking Info.

Does anyone know of a way a poor person such as myself can take steps to sue the city & PPB for police brutality?
I'm not even sure THIS is the appropiate format for this, but here goes... On Sunday March 18th (M18) this year i was beaten up, tasered, & taken into custody by the [gestopo] riot squad. I was charged with risisting arrest & attemped escape & disorderly conduct - all bullshit & beatable, so far as i'm concerned. I never could find out WHAT EXACTLY i was being arrested for [to begin with], & my lawyer Edward LeClaire (Multnomah Co. Defenders) hasn't been able to find that out either. The D.A. offered me a "deal": one year & a half probation & 5 DAYS JAIL! This is the city of Portland's way of squelching desent. Obviously, i'll fight these bogus charges & i'm set to go to trial on 10/08/07 (assuming it isn't held over again, which has happened several times, already). But even if i DO go to trial & win, it's very likely that i will lose my job. To reason i'm posting this today is to ask whether anyone may have information regarding ways i can file a civil suit against the city & PPB. I know that i have a strong case, but i don't [exactly] have a million dollars; or even $1000. By my rough estimates, i've already lost hundreds of dollars in lost wages from attending pre-trial after pre-trial (including today) because the state can't get IT'S shit together - & now they have the nerver to "offer" me JAILTIME for my troubles!? Does anyone know if there are any Civil attorneys that that/handle this cases pro-bono or atleast some sort of "wage-based" fee?