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European Union Set To Boycott China Olympics over China Backed Bloodbath in Burma

Japanese Reporter shot dead by Burmese Military -- the same guys who have burned and pilaged 3000 Burmese villages over the past year.
BURMA'S political crisis was thrust to the front of the international stage yesterday following the shooting death of a Japanese journalist and an explicit threat from the EU's most powerful political grouping that China's 2008 Olympics faces boycott unless it intervenes against the country's ruling junta.

Following a day in which at least nine people were killed, hundreds of monks were arrested, indiscriminate beatings administered to protesters and automatic weapons were fired into crowds, the deputy foreign minister of the junta told foreign diplomats summoned to its new jungle capital, Naypyidaw that "the government is committed to showing restraint in its response to the provocations

Many Reasons 27.Sep.2007 18:41

Den Mark, Vancouver

For many reasons, all justice-loving people should boycott those olympics, & that does not merely pertain to attendance. Reasons include Tibet, Darfur, Taiwan, & now Burma. China has a renegade government, as does Russia, Britain, France, the good ol' USA, & many others. Almost all nations are run by the scum of those nations.

Naive 28.Sep.2007 09:11


At the risk of sounding naive, why cannot we ignore the political scum of each country, and celebrate and encourage the individual sports' participants?