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Things to add when posting news

Many postings on indymedia are written for a narrow audience by a person who may claim they care about working a bit differently at posting news. Here are a few things to pause and think of adding before you post your next idea on indymedia.
Things to make news postings better for more readers:

- No fancy text formatting or HTML
- A short, well written headline related to the article
- background information on the topic
- First hand facts, even if mundane
- If facts are secondhand note that
- one photo or more, no huge photos
- a small video that can open on most comptuers ( optional )
- new information not found on other major media
- key things to let readers get involved, rather than just read about it, like a phone number or email of an elected person or person hired to fix the wrong done to the victim
- where to find more details
- links to non profit groups related to the issue,
- bonus points for pointing out some links to major media articles and how they leave out key details.
- and when the author can avoid being anonymous, publishing a way to contact them, and their connection to the issue.

Let's not be lazy if we are to attract more readers, save the earth, fight for fair labor, and protect the innocent victims out there.

thx for posting this 28.Sep.2007 15:28

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We <3 original reporting.