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Activists Arrested at Blumenauer's Office Over Free Trade

got this from an email list...
I just wanted to shoot out a quick update about the protest at Rep. Earl Blumeanuer's office. Dozens of people were there, and four were arrested when they refused to leave unless Earl committed to voting NO on the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement, which is up for a vote in the House Ways and Means Committee tomorrow. Blumenauer is on that committee, but has refused to comment publicly on how he will vote. Unfortunately, it looks like he will vote for this latest piece of the Bush Trade Agenda. At yesterday's Town Hall meeting, trade was the second most mentioned issue, yet Earl refused to comment on the impending vote, even after being asked directly several times.

Call his office (503) 231-2300, and let him know how you feel about the Bush Trade Agenda, and tomorrow's likely vote.

congressional office number 24.Sep.2007 14:28


(202) 225-4811

Thanks to Jobs With Justice et al 24.Sep.2007 15:30


We have to increase the pressure on our non-representatives now. The dots need to be connected: trade policy - military funding policy - opposition to impeachment of war criminals - big money power politics, etc.

Free Call 24.Sep.2007 18:50

Den Mark, Vancouver

You can call free, & you can call NOW, to Capitol switchboard: 800-270-0309. Ask for Earl Blumenauer, or whoever you want. Call, call, call. Give congressional offices plenty of stats.