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IMPEACHMENT is put "on the Town Hall table" by citizens (video)

At Town Hall Meeting one subject came up over and over
I have a short 6 min video clip of the standing ovation for Impeachment
At the Town Hall Meeting with House representative Earl Blumenauer in Portland. On 9/23/07 the subject of Impeachment was continuously brought up at this meeting.

One of the last speakers to speak was Bonnie Tinker who is a reporter for the Portland Alliance and one of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies"

She eloquently gets those in favor of Impeachment to stand up and then as in the spirit of Peter Pan's "Tinker Bell" she asked all those to clap if you "Believed in Impeachment"

The Town Hall Meeting participants in the theater were up out of their seats, clapping and chanting feverishly.

It is obviously what the people want, and it was obviously that Earl was not interested.

Most of the Town Hall meetings was recorded by me and will be available on www.joe-anybody.com and here on INDY MEDIA in a little over 24 hours from now

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Joe Anybody helps the corporate news ..... with reporting the news 26.Sep.2007 10:55

Ben Waiting

This is now on CH 2 website (portland)-(3 mins)-(condensed for corporate news)


Longer Version Video Of Town Hall Meeting with Earl 26.Sep.2007 23:06

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

And here is the longer version 1hr and 20min
Not the complete event - just the citizens commenting part



Photos from the non-Event 25.Sep.2007 08:41

East Bank Thom johnson.thom@gmail.com

Photos here... The "Peace" part of the forum came in the form of an oversize petition declaring peace in Iraq which the congressman eagerly signed. Not known was if George W. Bush was waiting in the wings with an oversize veto pen. The "Accountability" part of the forum was a piece of fiction bigger than Blumenauer's fake form. There was no dialog at this event. Our Representative was simply goaded into an hour or so of listening to most of the constituents who signed up to speak their 2-minutes worth of mind. The overwhelming majority of comments supported pushing forward with impeachment. [More...]

Unknowns 26.Sep.2007 11:39


A bigger unknown is if Earl will this time honor the Declaration that he signed, or if he will, like last year, ignore it and again vote for a war-funding bill. Time will tell!